Monday, July 17, 2023

More 54mm Sudan Pix


Beja warriors attack an Egyptian square.  Could it be the army of Baker Pasha?

The picture above is one of my favorites and so I thought that I’d share it with my readers.

Here are some more pictures of my 54mm Sudan collection that I snapped last week prior to packing it all away for its trip to Historicon. Over the past month I added 100 more Beja from the painting bench to give me a total of 300 Beja and 300 Dervish/Ansar warriors. I also have painted 36 cavalry and 60 Dervish riflemen. Having a larger Beja force allows me to game the battles of Osman Digna in the RedSea littoral.

I’ve checked into my room at Lancaster and we plan a day long visit to nearby Gettysburg. I will set up my Khartoum game Wednesday afternoon.


  1. Best of luck Jim. I’ll be following your posts closely to see as much of your spectacular games as possible.

  2. Very fine Jim. Hope it goes off!