Monday, July 24, 2023

The End of Gordon at Historicon


Major General Charles Gordon meets his Maker, Hollywood style.

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I am back home from a week in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where I visited Gettysburg, Fort Ligonier and Valley Forge prior to my four days at the annual Historicon convention. I hosted four games at the convention, winning a PELA award for my Siege of Khartoum game with 54mm figures. I ran Khartoum three times and then changed things up by running the Battle of Abu Klea one time. 

I am pleased that my new rules for tactical battles in the Sudan worked very well and the special rules that I used for the hand to hand fighting/ladder climbing also worked well. The game players picked up on the rules quickly and after several turns of play they were pretty much working through the games on their own.

At the conclusion of my last game on Saturday, I took a few moments to set up some vignettes to post on this blog.

The Dervish surge up the staircase of the Governor's Palace where Gordon
meets them with complete calm.

The Dervish race through the streets of Khartoum in search of Gordon.

The blood thirsty attackers find the Governor's Palace and see Gordon
standing on the top of the staircase.

The Dervish break into the yard of the Governor's Palace in Khartoum.

The Mahdi's army attack the walls of Khartoum.

The Dervish surge over the town's walls.

Hollywood movie poster for the 1966 film "Kartoum"

Sudan tourism. No thank you.

The last stand inside of Khartoum:

Meanwhile, there was an archeological expedition going on in a far corner of the table.

I found some archeological bits in the dealer area at Historicon and used them in my game. These will come in handy in a future skirmish game set in the 1930s.

I will be posting more pictures of my game later this week as well as a separate post that shows some of the other games that I saw at Historicon.


  1. Thanks Jim for running a fun game with a great looking table. Although our Beja badly stressed and broke into the two squares of the British-Egyptian force, they rallied and took us out.

    I especially appreciated Jim's ruling that my Beja "dead" that were inflicted by a player unfamiliar with the rules had merely 'gone to ground" and got us back in the game. It was great meeting you Jim and thanks again for hosting such a terrific game.
    - Doug

    1. It was a pleasure to meet you Doug and I appreciate your patience with, ahem, you know what. :)

  2. PS. Dont forget to give my compliments to MG Pettygree for his wonderful blog!

  3. Fantastic display of 19th century British colonial 54mm eye candy Jim, would have loved to be there.
    Keep up the good work.


  4. Lovely figures and evocative scenery

  5. The new figures look like a find - a nice addition.

  6. Looks a great game, I bet you had a fun weekend.

  7. Fantastic stuff once again Jim and I am pleased to see the lady archaeologist escaped the massacre in Khartoum!