Thursday, July 27, 2023

Historicon Pix of the Other Games

Siege of St. Elmo on the island of Malta

In between running my four games, I had plenty of time to roam around the Historicon convention halls and snap some photos of various games. I can only make a few comments about some of the games, while the rest will amount to a photo dump of what I saw. I thought that the quality of the terrain was very good so kudos to the game hosts for stepping up their game this year.

Fort William Henry

Let's lead off the show with some pictures from Bill Molyneaux's massive 54mm Fort William Henry game, which rightly won one of the PELA awards. I saw more 54mm games than normal at this year's show. Bill and his group also presented 54mm games of Fort Necessity, Braddock's Road, and Bushy Run.

St. Elmo on Malta

This was a good looking game featuring a massive 28mm fort St. Elmo in the mid 1500s with Christian crusaders holding off an attack by the Ottoman Turks. As the walls were hit by more and more artillery fire, the game master would replace whole sections of the walls with destroyed models. This game also won a PELA for good reason.

The Alamo in 15mm

I think that I stopped to take pictures of this magnificent looking terrain every time I walked past it. The Alamo in 15mm was quite something to behold as it had a very realistic appearance. It probably won a PELA too (I'm not 100% positive).

Counter Attack of Panzer Lehr at Normandy

This was another one of those "eye stoppers" that make one stop and take a closer look at the terrain. I'm not a WW2 war gamer, but this was a great looking game. It won a PELA too. This game is probably in the running for the Best In Show or Best Terrain awards at this year's show.

Another Alamo in 40mm

Alamo games seemed to be quite popular this year. I think that I counted at least three versions. Note all of the scaling ladders. Fritz loves games with scaling ladders!


Here is a Gettysburg game in 15mm. Superb terrain and well painted figures. There were quite a number of Gettysburg games at Historicon this year. This was probably due to the convention theme being American Wars this year.

Another Gettysburg Game

I think that this game featured the "Epic Scale" figures from Warlord Games. Game mats are from Cigar Box which makes a number of specific Gettysburg terrain mats.

The town of Gettysburg with Epic figures and Cigar Box Battle Mats

I'm Stealing This Idea

I really liked this saw mill vignette and I plan on adapting it to 18th Century games, changing out the steam motor for water power and canvas bands to run the saw.

Some of the Other Games that I Saw

Here are some of the games that interested me enough to stop and take some pictures. I don't know that much about the games, but they had very nice terrain.

Miles Reidy's 3mm Battle of Peleliu WW2 in the Pacific

Lots of Cowboys and Westerns game this year. Good looking terrain.

A Carnage & Glory computer driven wargame

The H.A.W.K.S. wargame club puts a dozen or more games on during the convention, many of which are geared towards the kiddos. They do a great job every year.

Gangsters game perhaps?

Eric Turner''s War of 1812 game. Nice looking terrain, Eric.

Roman triremes

Romans versus early Britons

More of the Romans versus Britons game.

Stalingrad game

There were many other good looking games that I either forgot to photograph or I didn't have my camera with me at the time.

And Of Course - Goober and Easter Piglet

Easter Piglet and I got to meet the famous Goober the Bear at Historicon. Easter also visited Fort Ligonier, Valley Forge and Gettysburg during our trip.

Easter Piglet (left) and Goober (right)



  1. Thanks for a good number of pics there Jim and good to see you on Little Wars TV too:)!

  2. Great photos. That on Napoleonic game looks to be an Ancients game instead.

    1. You are correct . It's another picture of the Romans versus Britains game. I couldn't detect the difference when I was selecting thumb nail images to upload into this blog post.

  3. Thanks for a wonderful selection of excellent games and photos.