Monday, December 27, 2021

Who Wore It Better?


Callan's war gaming room is very classy.
Something to aspire to.

One of the tabloid/fanzines magazines (maybe People magazine) has a section in each issue called "Who Wore It Better?". They compare the same outfit worn by an actress/actor in Hollywood, comparing one person's look with the other person's look.

So what the heck, I fished out a picture (above) of Edward Woodward in his Callan TV show, in which he is playing an ACW Gettysburg war game in his home. Peter Gilder set up the table with his own terrain and figures. What a nice setting for a game.

Below I have posted a picture of my game room for comparison to Callan's game room.

Der Alte Fritz's game room.

Another view of my game room.

So tell me, who wore it better; me or Callan?


  1. Well technically that was not Callans abode (he lived in a small flat/apartment), this was home of one of his targets.
    Yours wins by virtue of being reality not fictional :-)

  2. The actual set up Jim was at the villains home. He was a German called Schneider who was cast as a rich German businessman.Clearly you would need to be cast as a 'rich' American businessman.Its a cracking set up you have and Im very envious of it. Happy New Year.

  3. Your place wins hands down for comfort and utility as well as table size and the figures. I did love the Callan set-up with the great Peter Gilder figures and terrain - it was inspiring in its day. There was also an episode of Midsomer Murders that had some great wargame setups but again your "bunker" wins outright for comfort and utility. Your reading nook is a particular favourite. Besides, being a true Colonial, I hate wearing a neck tie! :-D

  4. I'd much rather have your room Jim, lots of space and comfort and a great table.Gilder's Callan Gettysburg wasn't to scale anyway! Wonderful. cheers Chris

  5. Oh! I've just spotted a Chris Gregg original oil on your back wall - so must be the best! :-)