Thursday, December 30, 2021

Biggest Drink That I’ve Ever Seen


We are in Florida right now taking in some sun. Last evening we were at a restaurant for dinner and I ordered a Pina Colada. Without a doubt this was the largest cocktail that I had ever seen. One sip had me guessing that there must have been 3-4 ounces of rum in the drink. It was basically lots of rum and a little bit of pineapple juice.

I took a few sips of the drink and decided that enough was enough because I would have to drive home that night.


  1. Where in Florida are you? I'm in Miami and would be happy to buy you a drink if you're nearby.

  2. That is certainly a big cocktail! Although I had the misfortune to be in Las Vegas one weekend a few years ago and people were walking up and down the Strip with yard long cocktails slung over their shoulders.