Friday, October 8, 2021

Carthaginian African Spearmen


Carthaginian African troops, the core of Hannibal's army in Italy.

This week I added another 16 Carthaginian African spearmen to bring the existing unit up to 32 figures. I like the ground level photo that graces the top of this page. It really conveys a sense of movement and action compared to the standard helicopter view of the unit.

Another ground level view of the Carthaginian unit.

Here are some pictures of the whole unit. I had a little bit of fun with a couple of the shield designs.

A wider view of the growing Carthaginian army. A Spanish unit is to the left of the Carthaginians. These are all HaT 1/32 scale plastic figures. In the background you might be able to see the Man Himself: Hannibal Barca on horseback. This is a John Jenkins Designs figure at approximately 60mm.

I  have not based any of the figures yet because I am still mulling over some of the options that I discussed in a previous blog post on this subject. There is no hurry.

I also finished ten Roman Velite skirmishers and started working on some Numidian/Libyan skirmishers.

Roman Velite skirmishers. They have reduced the local wolf population, it seems.

Rear view of the Velites

Work In Progress

I am currently working on a group of 16 Numidian/Libyan skirmish troops. I was one figure short of 16 so I added a naked Celt to their war band. I used the Reaper Paints "Tanned Skin" triad colors for the Celt's skin and thought that it turned out nicely. Now I am kind of looking forward to painting a Celtic war band for Hannibal's army.

The light troops will be assigned to the Elephant commander so as to provide protection for the Nellies from those dastardly Roman Velites. The animal cruelty society should be notified about this.

As I paint more and more figures I find myself sympathizing with Team Carthage, the underdog, versus the Republican Romans.


  1. Great job, impressive and beautiful shield designs...

  2. Wonderful stuff Jim, you must stop tempting me with all these beautiful figures.


  3. The project is gathering a head of steam now! Really like the look of your bigger chaps.

  4. Some great skin tones here Jim, a great project.

  5. Very, very nice! --Well done Sir!

  6. You are doing such a wonderful job of painting these. Each post is a joy to view.
    Regards, James