Thursday, September 24, 2015

Saxon Flags of the SYW

Saxon Infantry Flags painted by Mark Allen (click to enlarge)

I recently commissioned 4 sets of flags from Mark Allen for my nascent SYW Saxon project. Mark had previously painted a set of Saxon Leib-Grenadier-Garde regiment flags for me ( a set being comprised of the white Leibfahne and the colored Ordinarefahne). Mark is the gentleman who paints all of the flags that John Ray uses in his 28mm SYW armies, as seen in his book, "A Military Gentleman".

From left to right, starting with the top row: von Bruhl or Rochow regiment leibfahne and ordinarefahne; the Lubrinsky regiment leibfahne and ordinarefahne;

Bottom row, left to right: Prinz Maximilian leibfahne and ordinarefahne; and the Prinz Clemenz leibfahne and ordinarefahn.

In for a penny, in for a pound, I might as well add another brigade of four regiments to give me a total of 8 infantry regiments. For the cavalry, I will paint the three Saxon chive-leger regiments that escaped capture at Pirna with the rest of the Saxon army in 1756. The Prinz Albrecht, Prinz Clemenz and Graf Bruhl regiments had the good fortune to be stationed in Poland at the outbreak of the SYW, thus escaping the capitulation at Pirna.

I plan to use Minden Prussian musketeers with Swedish cuffs for the Saxon infantry and the Prussian dragoons for the Saxon Cheveau-leger cavalry regiments.