Saturday, September 26, 2015

Minden Saxon Cavalry

Minden Prussian Dragoons painted as Saxon Cheveaulegers

My goal is to paint enough Austrian and Prussian forces, including units already painted, to host a Battle of Kolin game at the next Seven Years War Association convention on March 30, 31 and April 1st in South Bend, Indiana. Christopher Dufffy will be the guest once again and he plans on giving a talk about the Battle of Kolin. So you can see how my mind is at work on this one.

The Austrian army at Kolin had a contingent of Saxon Cheveauleger cavalry (basically they are dragoons) posted in reserve on the right flank behind the Oak Wood. So I decided that I would need to have several Saxon units to play this role in the game.

After taking a look at the information on the Saxons at the Kronoskaf web site, I decided that the Minden Prussian Dragoons would be acceptable stand ins for Saxon cavalry. With this in mind, I painted three test figures to represent the Prinz Karl, Prinz Albrecht and Graf Bruhl cheveauleger regiments at Kolin.

Here is a picture drawn by Knotel:

Here are some close up pictures of the individual cavalry figures. I always paint one sample figure of any new unit before painting the whole regiment. I like the way that these Minden Saxons are turning out.

Prinz Karl Cheveauleger

Prinz Albrecht Cheveauleger
Graf Bruhl Cheveauleger


  1. I could gaze at your brushwork and figures for hours.

    Best Regards,


  2. I really really like these. They add some colour to the Austrians and I may just have to add some myself.


  3. Wonderful figures and painting Jim. Great idea on the one figure at a time.

  4. Jim, those are truly spectacular.

  5. I love how you've managed to convey delicate slightly translucent colour on the figures. It matches the plates wonderfully.