Monday, September 14, 2015

GNW Swedish Brigade

Ostgotland (front) and Upplands (rear) regiments . Click to enlarge.

I have now completed the first two regiments of my Great Northern War ("GNW") Project - Upplands  and Ostgotland are now ready to serve Charles XII of Sweden.

All Swedish battalions will have 32 figures on five bases: 6/6/8/6/6 with the command stand having eight figures - six pikemen and two colour bearers. I include one command figure set behind the two ranks of infantry on each stand. This represents the officers and file closers who operated behind the infantry line and it also gives the illusion of there being a third row of figures on the stands.

Side view depicting the "third row".

Ostgotland (left) and Upplands (right)
I finished the Upplands regiment bases this evening by applying a mix of Winter and Highland tufts plus light green Winter Grass static grass on each base. I wanted the grass colors to be pale and washed out to depict type of terrain that one might see in the Fall and early Winter. Once the Ostgotland bases dry, I will dry brush the grit with a tan color and then add the tufts and static grass.

I am running out of Warfare Miniatures castings to paint, so I will have to wait for the quartermaster to place his requisition for more figures. In the meantime, I have 18 Swedish cavalry figures that I can start working on.


  1. Nice! I actually find the unfinished, darker brown base color quite appealing and provides better contrast against the yellow/blue uniform.

    1. The darker brown is actually the wet spackle compound before it dries. Yes, I'm wondering if the background color on the Upplands bases is too light. I might try inking the bases of the Ostgotland and seeing how it compares. Although, I sure hate the idea of having to rebase the Upplands regiment.

  2. Superior craftsmanship as usual Jim!

  3. Those are really great looking units.

  4. They look fantastic, and your choice of tufts and grass suits the dark blue uniforms very well. Gå På!

  5. Thank you everyone for the kind comments. I'm having fun painting these figures so there is no lack of painting mojo right now. Monday night I cleaned and assembled 10 Swedish cavalry so that I can prime them Tuesday evening and start the painting later this week. I have 8 more figures to prep for a total of 18 figures.

  6. Very nice! Where did you get those models for the swedes?