Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ostgotland Kavalrie Regt. Completed

Ostgotland Kavalrie Regiment - click pix to enlarge.

So here I am serving up a double wedgie of Swedish cavalry for the Great Northern War (GNW) using Warfare Miniatures Swedish cavalry figures, in 28mm. As the Russian troops might say, "ouch!"

I have finished painting the first 18 Swedish Kavalrie that I recently purchased from Warfare Miniatures, adding them to the two infantry units that I painted over the past several weeks. I am trying to pace myself by only ordering figures that I can paint in a reasonable time period; once they are completed then I can order more figures. This is opposed to my normal method of just buying an insane amount of figures for the whole project and then only painting a fraction of what I have ordered.

The cavalry regiment depicted in these pictures is the Ostgotland Kavalrie Regiment at Poltava. My eventual organization will likely be two 18-figure squadrons in one 36-figure cavalry regiment. So really what you see in these pictures is only one squadron. Swedish cavalry regiments had two squadrons, apparently.

I am still experimenting with the basing, but I think that I like placing three figures on a 60mm by 80mm base, with one figure in front and two figure in a second rank. So when I clump three or more stands together, I get a wedge formation per Swedish tactical doctrine in the GNW.

Frontal view of two squadrons

A view of the proposed basing scheme, with three figures on a 60mm by 80mm deep stand, with the figures attached to the stand in a triangle shape. When several stands are placed together, they yield the visual of a wedge formation that the Swedish cavalry employed in their tactics.

A ground level view of the regiment.

I have now run through all of my Warfare Miniatures Swedes, so more are on order. While I await the delivery, I will turn back to painting Minden SYW Prussians and maybe start some Saxon cavalry at Kolin, using Austrian or Prussian castings.