Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Volontaires de Saxe

Note: all orders received for Cuirassiers du Roi  and Uhlans have been packed and invoiced so they will ship within the next day or two.

Here is one of the Knoetel uniform plates that provides a very nice painting guide for those who are contemplating painting a unit of the uhlans from Minden Miniatures. Below is another plate by Petard that shows some variations of the uniform.


  1. Jim, is it incidental that this uniform is the same colours as those of Hesse Seewald? ;-)

  2. Hi, Jim.

    This is for the benefit of all who may order these - notes from the MAA title "Louis XV's Army (4) light Troops & Specialists" by Chartrand & Leliepvre.

    The Volontaires de Saxe were raised in 1743 & had 6 "brigades" of 80 lancers & 80 dragoons (any chance of these in future?)

    The mane on the helmet varied with each brigade - white, yellow, (& blue, red, black from other pics). The 1st brigade were free black troopers of his personal escort - they had white manes & rode white horses.

    From one illustration, a lancer with a red mane has a red lance pennant, but this may not be conclusive.

    I will send you a separate email with a few more useful pics if this is ok?

    Cheers, Rohan.

  3. Thank you for the quick research Rohan. It is much appreciated and I look forward to the additional info that you have.

    The green uniforms are pure coincidence but King Georg Ludwig is smart enough to copy a good idea when he sees one so he may add a personal escort of Uhlans to his Household Guard. :)

    The lancers look best on the medium sized horses in the range while the cuirassiers du Roi should use the heavy horses in the range.

  4. Salut!

    So many great news, also fine greens and castings, painted models....

    Jim, you should make some more PR for the kickstarter, so the Russian Artillery will be also possible to go into production.
    Also here in the blog especially the kickstarter project could be 'bumped'. Still about 3000 $ missing.^^ But i have good feelings, ok Austrian Artillery is funded, thats very fine.

    Best regards

  5. Check out the Kickstarter page to see the new $6,000 and $7,000 stretch goals. :)


  6. The Knötel image, as almost all illustrations of De Saxe's Volontaires, is taken straight from contemporary Chereau's Nouveau Recueil des Troupes Légères: but, despite the claim illustrations were from 'direct observation' some show very odd details, that of the Fusiliers de Montagne for instance.
    At least two (#) contemporary paintings of Fontenoy show the Volontaires escorting De Saxe's light coach. One by Lenfant (detail) and one (artist?) appearing on Praeteri Fides (detail). And while they generally agree -e.g. the yellow livery of the men driving the coach & leading spare horses, th eADC in blue...- they disagree on minor details regarding the uhlans: only the companie colonelle appears in Lenfant's, the men are in coats, while on the other painting several companies appear (confirming that the horse hair on the helmet and the flame on the lance are of 'company' color) and the men are in red undercoat; besides the flames appear larger (more fitting with the banner of the Polish lance).

  7. abdul666, these are wonderful links. I particularly like that on the Praetiriri site where one can download the high resolution image, then zoom & see the coach, drivers, aides and lancer escorts.

    Jim, there will be another use for the new artillery team drivers, and the pictures also show the de Saxe dragoons as well as the lancers - they are the chaps in the green coats. You note that their helmet plumes also are different colours, no doubt reflecting which "brigade" they belonged to.

    Cheers, Rohan.