Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New AWI Militia Figures

Minden Miniatures Armed Civilians  (set of 5 @ $10.00)

Fife & Drum American Militia (painted by Scott McPhee)
{Note: click pictures to enlarge the view}

One of the synergies resulting from the merger of Minden Miniatures with Fife & Drum is that figures from the respective ranges can be used in the other range's tabletop wars. A great example is the set of five Minden "Armed Civilians", which to my eye, look like they would be perfect to use as American Militia in the American Revolutionary War (or "AWI"). I have a dozen or so sets in stock now so if you want to add to your Fife & Drum Militia ranks, then why not give these fellows a try? I intend to add them to my militia ranks.

You can order the set under the temporary stock number of "CIV-001" at a price of $10.00 per set of five figures plus applicable postage.

To order, simply send me an e-mail at


Minden Inventory Update
I've finished unpacking the first two boxes (12.5kg each in weight) and find that I have all of the Prussian infantry and cavalry, but no horses in stock as they are in transit. So I am able to start selling Prussian infantry and jagers and the civilian laborers if you find that you just can't wait and really need Prussians now.

The horses will be arriving next week, so I will be able to start shipping any Prussian cavalry starting next week.

Preliminary Minden prices will be $2.00 per foot figure and $6.00 for mounted figures (including the horse). I may have to adjust the price upward at a later date as I get a better idea of their production costs, etc. But for now, these are the prices.


  1. Hi Jim,

    The complete range of horses is boxed up and being collected by the courier tomorrow.

    All the best,


  2. Salut Frank,
    Europeans are shipped to the (ex)colonies, like more than 220 years ago!

    Also here i must really (again) thank you for your great SYW range of 1/56 models. Now the way back to (my) continental Europe is much more longer than from your island, but i am sure they will find their way without any seasickness.

    Also salut to Jim,
    dont ship the poor soldiers in to old tubs, i want them in good condition for service ^^!

    Best regards

  3. Austrians and French have rights to! ;-). Can't wait!!!

  4. Hi Jim,
    Just curious as to Minden mounted being $6.00 and the Fife and Drum being priced at $5.00?

  5. The F&D price will go up. The horse castings cost more than I originally figured

  6. Gidday, Jim. This is good news. A quick question for those of us "Downunder"... Could you possibly indicate the postage weight brackets & costs for shipping to Australia, and perhaps roughly how many infantry or cavalry figures that might involve with packaging, etc. ? This would allow us down here to formulate orders for maximum postage weight efficiency. I know when I ordered plastic figures from Wargames Factory, it was more size of the box than weight that mattered, but I'm sure that is not so with "Heavy Metal". Cheers, Rohan.

  7. Rohan: I will post that information on the Fife & Drum blog within a couple of days. Here are some typical weights:

    10 infantry = 2.2 ounces
    1 horse with rider = 2.1 ounces
    1 ammo wagon = 3.3 ounces
    Artillery pieces vary from 0.5 oz for a 3-pdr and up to 1.2oz for the French 12-pdr. Most guns around 1.0 oz.

    From the US I use International First Class or Priority Mail

  8. Have just bought the Minden civilians myself. Could I use the photo of the painted militia on my blog as an example of excellent painting?

    Thanks, Keith

  9. Keith: sure, as long as you give attribution to Scott McPhee. They are his figures that he painted. They sure look nice.

  10. I look forward to seeing the postal information back to the UK so that I can figure out my next order. I also noticed the new mounted prices. The new cavalry prices are roughly £1 more than from Minden. Is this the cost of shipping them over or were we buying them a bit too cheaply before?


  11. They were a tad underpriced in the past. I'm pricing the Mindens at the same price as the Fife & Drum figures.