Thursday, October 24, 2013

Minden Miniature Offers Low-Cost Flat Rate Shipping on International Orders!

Minden Austrian Artillery Crew shown with RSM limber teams.

We are pleased to announce that the complete range of Minden Miniatures SYW figures are now stocked in the USA and ready to ship.

Prussian Grenadiers from Minden Miniatures.

To help reduce shipping costs for our international customers, we are now offering a flat shipping charge of only $10.00 USD for any order shipped outside of the USA (minimum order of $15.00 USD required).

We offer similar flat rate shipping for our US customers at $4.00 USD per box (minimum order size of $15.00 USD).

You can order both the Minden and the Fife & Drum Miniatures in the same or separate orders and still qualify for our flat rate shipping. This offer will run through November 30, 2013, afterwhich, I will re-evaluate the program to see if it is working.

Visit our new web site at:

for more information or send e-mail inquiries to us at:

Paypal is accepted for all orders.


  1. Do you consider Canada to be "international" or "domestic"?

    Various suppliers disagree as to the above, so where do you stand? $4 or $10?

    -- Jeff

  2. The Prussians are the GBtl 1/23 - Bandemer, right? Very nice painting! Where are the casualties from? Wouldn't it be nice to have some more Minden casualties? If they'd come without or with separate hats they could be used for all the different infantry-types ... ;-)

  3. Yes, it is the Wedel grenadier battalion 1/23. The casualties are from the Perry AWI Hessian range, "converted with paint" to add the correct gaiters . I would like to add more casualties to the Minden range with men sitting up, laying on their side or face up, and on hands and knees to provide some variety. However, there are many more "live" figures that I want to add to the range before adding more casualties.

  4. Am off to Berlin in the morn for a few days break over half term. Does anyone have any suggestions for seven years war related visits???

  5. Visit the Berliner Zinnfiguren store to look at the wonderful collection of painted SYW flats and browse through the extensive book selection.

    I recall that there was a museum at the Zueghaus with lots of SYW equipment on hand.

  6. A trip to Potsdam and a visit to Sanssouci is a must for everyone who is interestet in Frederick the Great. It is only after the German reunification that his last will was fulfilled. On his 205th death day he was buried in the crypt where he wanted to be: "Quand je serai là, je serai sans souci." (When I will be there, I will be without sorrows)