Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Minden Prussian Cuirassiers

Von Seydlitz & his 8th Cuirassier Regiment - Minden Miniatures
 Today I received the final shipment of Minden inventory from Frank so we now have everything in stock in the USA and ready to ship.

To help our international customers, we are going to try out a flat rate shipping charge of $10.00 per order (applies only to minimum orders of $15) through the end of November 2013. For our US customers, there will be a flat rate shipping charge of $4.00 (applies only to minimum orders of $15.00).

Here are a few pictures of my latest addition to my Minden Prussian army of the Seven Years War. It is a 24-figure regiment and they are pictured with the 18th Century's version of James Bond: Friedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz.

The full regiment can  be seen below:

The Von Seydlitz personality figure from Minden Miniatures.

As usual, click on the pictures to enlarge the view.


  1. Great work on those Cuirassiers, Fritz! And I do like the Halloween setting, however out of place it may be for 1750s Europe.

  2. Hmmm... Is it time to begin another project? These figures are very nice!

  3. So you DID decide to place the mounted tympanist in the unit itself.

  4. Salut!

    Great news, and the USA seems still to exist after that invasion!

    I have still not so much cavalry in my ranks, muchmuch more infantry, but its everytime fine to see such a fine esquadron of cuirassiers.

    I have thoughts about some Prussian artillerists for my next (for you first) order, sure then with some fitting guns from F&F. I think its surely possible to order for the same shipping package Minden and F&F models together, Prussian guns and Prussian crew?

    I am also happy for you that the 'Alte Fritz' is now able to cast his own SYW army!

    best regards!

  5. Great looking cuirassiers, very nice paintjob!

  6. Jim

    A very generous offer re the postage back to the Old World, much appreciated. I think we will need it. Just paid $26 dollars on tax/handling charges to the Royal Mail on a $65.25 fife and drum order to the UK. OUCH! Time for a tea party methinks,