Monday, October 28, 2013

Francis Marion, Banastre Tarleton, and von Knyphausen Greens

Francis Marion (the "Swamp Fox")
Christmas comes early in Hesse Seewald as I received a collection of pictures from Richard Ansell depicting his work on the AWI personalities that Fife & Drum is issuing as part of its Kickstarter Project. The three personalities include General Francis Marion (the Swamp Fox) and his nemesis, Banastre Tarleton, and also Hessian general Baron von Knyphausen.

As far as I know, Fife & Drum is the first miniatures company to ever issue a figure of Francis Marion. He is depicted wearing his trademark leather cap of the 2nd South Carolina Regiment, in which he was commissioned as a captain. He was later commissioned a Lt. Colonel  by Congress in 1776. Marion missed being captured at Charleston, along with the rest of Ben Lincoln's Continental Army when it surrendered to Clinton's British army in 1780, having left the city to recuperate at home from a broken ankle.

Banastre Tarleton ("Bloody Ban")
Richard did a wonderful rendition of Tarleton and I can just picture him leading a regiment of Fife  & Drum British Legion dragoons, when we release the figures in January 2014.

Baron von Knyphausen
Finally, we have Baron von Knyphausen available to lead our eventual range of AWI Hessians. This figure has a lot of character and personality and I can picture him doing double duty as a Prussian senior general in my SYW armies, or perhaps even as the king of some Imagination army in 18th Century Europe.

All three personality figures will be offered first to our Kickstarter Backers, afterwhich, they will be made available to the general public.

Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think about these three gentlemen.


  1. Ooouuhhh ... don't you tempt me. They are fantastic. I love the officers pose! How many different figures will be available?

  2. Really sweet! I'm thinking that Baron would make an excellent statue for my 28mm troops.

  3. Salut!

    Knyphausen is really (for me) 'again' a new highlight, also its official AWI, like you wrote, with some few painting changes he can also be a prussian higher officer.

    Hm, i think you as 'Alter Fritz' have also surely some thoughts about realising in future a Friedrich II figure 'unmounted' ?
    Oh i am knowing, wishes, ideas, hundreds... thousands possible to realise ;)

    Best regards

  4. Hi Rudiger: yes, I definitely plan to add a dismounted Frederick in the future either standing and/or as part of a vignette of him after the battle of Kolin, sitting on a log with a cuirassier offering him some water, after the Rochling drawing.

  5. I don't think I can wait until January on these!

  6. Hello Jim,

    great answer from you, will be clearly a fine vignette. But i will wait! :)
    Finally... in some years, we have similar possibilties in 30mm 'round' than since decades in 30mm 'flat'.

    Anyway before christmas there will be my first SYW soldiers order from USA ;-)

    Best regards

  7. As Count Dodo Von Knyphausen is my 'imaginary' head of state in our make believe 7YW campaigns, the baron gets my vote! (Dodo Von K was actually a TYW ancestor of your man)

    Great stuff Jim!


  8. Count me in, too, Jim for at least 1 of the Knyphausen figures - a beautiful piece of sculpture. Love the Francis Marion sculpt, too -perhaps my imagi-nation SYW countries need some light dragoons. Great work by your sculptors. Cheers, Rohan.