Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Today was Christmas in September here in Hesse Seewald, as everything that I had purchased recently all arrived on the same day in a bit of harmonic convergence.

First there were the lovely new figures from Minden Miniatures including the two ladies and gentlemen civilians on horseback, some French artillery crew to man some of my Fife & Drum French artillery, and the Highlander firing line figures. The standing firing Highlander is particularly outstanding. I might have to start building a SYW British army soon.

Next was a package from Elite Miniatures. Wow, talk about fast service! The box arrived in two days!  This load includes a set of Napoleonic British Royal Horse Artillery (3 complete guns with limbers and crew and limber horses) and Royal Artillery, the field or foot variety - three 9-pounders. All of this is going to build out my Peninsula British army.

Finally, Battlegames #31 arrived, and I have to say that this is one of the best issues that Henry Hyde has put together. Every article is interesting and worth the read. I've slowly started my way through the magazine. I would like Jon Sutherland to introduce me to those gentlemen who spend about fifty thousand British Pounds per year on their wargaming hobby. I have some things that I'd like to discuss with them. :)  Mrs. Sutherland has another fascinating piece on making Arab market stalls - she makes it look so easy. Sam Mustafa gets his turn at touting the benefits of his new Maurice game and this article provides some fascinating inside info on why Sam developed the game in the way that he did.

More later, I've got to get to bed. 

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