Friday, September 7, 2012

Announcing a New Napoleonic Blog: Campaigns in Iberia

Major General William Justinian Pettygree and his staff.

Bill Protz and I are pleased to announce the establishment of a new blog that will feature our Napoleonic campaign in Spain, circa 1808 to 1814. Our hero is one Major General William Justinian Pettygree, a name that may be familiar to you if you follow Bill's wonderful 19th Century Colonial blog. William J. Pettygree is the father of Augustus Pettygree, so you can see that service to King & Country goes back many generations in the Pettygree family.

Click here to travel to our new blog, titled: "Campaigns in Iberia" to see what is going on.

94th (Scotch Brigade) Regiment - Connoisseur Miniatures and GMB Designs flags.

Three French battalions advance with full skirmish companies leading the way.


  1. Father? More likely grandfather given almost a century between them.

    -- Jeff

    1. This will be a rare treat - I look forward to it!

      God save King George!

  2. Could point Jeff. It was late...I was in a hurry to post the ... hadn't cleared it will Bill yet. :)

  3. Son is unusual but plausible. See Simon Bolivar Buckner, civil war general, and his son Simon Bolivar Buckner, killed commanding Tenth Army on Okinawa in 1945.

    Depending on Pettygree's age in 1898/1899/1900, he got his colors in the 1860s. That would have him born in the 1840s-1850s. Several Napoleonic veterans were still around and active then (such as Colin Campbell), so Pettygree could be the son of a May-December marriage (say the child of his father's second wife).