Thursday, May 31, 2012

Foundry SYW Russians

Russian Commander stand

Several people asked me to post some more pictures of the Foundry Russians that I am selling, so here they are.

I did an inventory of units today and can report that I have 26 battalions - 7 in green coats and 19 in the red sleeved waistcoat (worn in most of the battles fought by the Russians in the SYW). Here is a list of the available units for sale.

Green Coated Btns
Smolensk Regt. - 2 btns   sold
Schlusselberg Regt. - 2 btns  sold
Kexholm Regt. - 2 btns sold
2nd Grenadier Regt. - 1 btn. sold

Red Waistcoat Btns
Azov Regt. - 2 btns sold
Voronezh Regt. - 2 btns sold
St. Petersburg Regt. - 2 btns sold
Neva Regt. - 2 btns sold
1st /2nd/3rd Grenadiers - 3 btns (one of each) sold
Novgorod Regt. - 1 btn sold

1st Observation Corps Regt - 2 btns sold
3rd Observation Corps Regt - 2 btns sold
5th Observation Corps Regt - 2 btns sold
Observation Corps Grenadiers - 1 btn sold
I have two Shuvolov Secret Howitzers that will be included with the Observation Corp.

Closeup of the Smolensk Regiment 

Another close up of the second Smolensk battalion in the regiment


  1. Question - the seperate listing of breastcoats in red did the have outer coats in red or green can you post a few pics of those battalions including the grenadiers and of any russian cavalry you have for sale? Gunners as well and artillery?

  2. ok sorry please delete this comment i saw the other posting whic clarifies my question.