Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On The Painting Table

I have a couple more AWI units primed and ready to go on my painting table this evening. The first one will be a regiment in firing line poses using a mix of Fife & Drum Continentals and Militia. According to one of my friends in the UK, it was not uncommon for new recruits to join the regiment and sport their own civilian clothes for awhile. Supplying new uniforms for a regiment was a hit and miss sort of thing.

I was also looking at one of the Lefferts Plates on AWI uniforms today, and it looks like one of the Connecticut regiments had no lapels. So this means that I could use my militia figures for this regiment. I don't recall the number, but it had a brown coat, red cuffs and collar, brown waist coat and buff breeches.

Finally, I painted a drummer for my blue Continental firing line battalion and decided to go for the reverse colors look. So this fellow has a red coat and blue facings with buff breeches and a white waistcoat. Let me tell you that he looks very spiffy. So this had me scurrying to my Mollo book to look at some of the Continental regiments that wore red coats. I have a feeling that I will be adding a red coated unit of Continentals very soon.

Another idea, I'm generally painting units of 20/24/30 figures at a 1:10 ratio. Late in 1777, my chosen year for this project, there were many BRIGADES that had no more than 300 men, much less regiments of that size. So when I get ready to paint the Maryland Brigade, my thought is to paint three or four stands, each having different uniforms. The stands will all be labeled as the Maryland Brigade so that the gamer will know that each stand is part of the same unit. I'm looking forward to trying this idea out.

More tomorrow. By the way, I try to post at least 100 messages each year, and as you can see from the blog archives for 2011, I am way short of the required 100, so I expect to be blogging every day between now and Christmas. So see you tomorrow - I'll have some pictures up on the blog by then.


  1. I shall look forward to dropping by daily. It will be a kind of wargamer's advent calendar

    all the best

    Duke of Baylen

  2. Jim,

    IIRC some of the Marylanders had red coats.


  3. Yep, I'll be watching/reading too!

    Best Regards,