Thursday, July 9, 2009

Restoring Order To The Universe

Suren British Guards and Royal Artillery: "we're back!"

This is a reminder that the 18th Century and the Seven Years War in particular are my primary interest when it comes to wargaming and historical research. I think that the recent pictures of that remote and unpopular period known as WW2 created a disturbance in The Force, one that I must fix ASAP. Accordingly, I am posting a picture of my Suren British Guards battalion for all to view. A healthy dose of tricorn pictures should restore balance to The Force.

On August 1, 2009 we are going to recreate the Battle of Minden in order to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the sound whuppin' that His Britannic Majesty's Army in Western Germany (and allies from Hanover, Hesse Kassel and Brunswick) administered to the French army. So after our BAR Napoleonic play test on July 18th, my plan is to switch back to tricorns and finish my battalion of British Guards. I have 27 completed and will need to top them up to around 60 to 72 figures.

And yes, I know that the Guards were not at Minden, but because Monsieur Chevert does not want to trot all of his fine cavalry up to the muzzles of the British brigade and get shot out of the saddle (the cowards), he intends to alter the scenario somewhat. That being the case, says I, why not allow the British Guards to appear at Minden? Why not indeed? And so it goes.

After the Minden game, my next unit in the painting que is three to five squadrons of Minden Miniatures SYW Austrian Cuirassiers. That won't make Frederick very happy, since he has to face them, but I want to have this unit ready for our annual Old School Big Battalion wargame in October and I absolutely love painting Minden figures.


  1. Sir,

    It was not just those WWII things that disturbed the Force . . . but also those Nappy figures.

    Soon too you need to address painting more of those green-coated Hesse-Seewald toops.

    -- Jeff

  2. Edie likes the Minden figures too ...
    but when I finish the grenadiers, I doubt I'm doing any more 60 man units of them for a while!

  3. Herr Fritz,

    where will the old school big battalions game be held?
    Do you have a firm date?


  4. Ahhhhhhh sanity returns at last :-)

    I have some nice new troops for your Battle of Minden coming very soon Herr Fritz . . . keep an eye on my blog :-)

    Welcome back to the real world by the way (C18th), we've missed you.

  5. Hey Chris,
    You just have to attend the 2009 Big Battalion game.
    Votre serviteur,

  6. Ah, nice! (not that I won't be painting non-SYW stuff some

  7. Bill,

    I very much want to attend the big battalions game this year and afterwards as you have them.

    Where and when will this one in 2009 be?


  8. Der Alte (Jim) will advise in due course. From a conversation at his festung last Saturday, locking in the 2009 date is probably imminent.