Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Sudan Eye Candy & Project Update

British Camel Corps on Parade.
Armies In Plastic 54mm figures and Trophy Miniatures metal officer in the lead.

Click on all pictures (or twice, if you dare) to enlarge.

Over the weekend I finished painting 8 Camel Corps and 5 Dervish cavalry, bringing those forces up to 24 and 25 figures, respectively. I am halfway in building up both units. I currently have 4 more camel corps on the painting table, work in progress at this time. It should take a day of painting to finish them. There are three more boxes (4 per box) of CC yet to be painted.

I did a little rearranging of the game table to set up a vignette of the Camel Corps riding out of Khartoum. I know, the Camel Corps was never in Khartoum, but they look cool emerging from the town gate.

General Stewart leads the Camel Corps out of the city.

Close up view of the camel caravan departing Khartoum.

Let us not forget the Dervish either. Bad things can happen in the Sudan when one forgets the Dervish.

The Dervish cavalry now has 25 riders after the completion of 5 more figures.
Close up view of the flag bearer.
A view of the cavalry from the front.
I have to place an order for three more boxes (5 figures per box)
so as to build the Dervish cavalry up to 40 figures .

The whole hoard of plastic Dervish cavalry and foot. There are 275 total figures in the picture.
I have been painting these since the beginning of March 2020/

An overview of the table display. I have it set up in a 6ft by 10ft size,
although it actually has two more feet of length just beyond the rock outcropping .

The Camel Corps is probably my favorite unit in the Sudan Project.
I like the Egyptians too, because no one seems to use Egyptian or Sudanese allies
in their colonial games.


Richard Ansel sent me pictures of the greens for the AWI Morgan's Rifles at Saratoga. These are really nice looking figures that can be used for Saratoga and other AWI theaters of war. I will post the pictures within the next couple of days.

I primed my first 38-figure Saratoga British regiment yesterday and will get to them after I finish four more 54mm Camel Corps figures. It will be the 21st Regiment in blue facings. Flags from GMB Designs are on order.


  1. Eye candy indeed, that is amazing. Khartoum looks great too.

  2. This is a beautiful project Jim. I know little of the war but you have done a cracking job of these figures.

  3. I'll simply echo previous comments. Amazing and beautiful are very apt adjectives.

    Best Regards,


  4. What a wonderful set-up! Great figures - the Camel Corps and the Dervish cavalry look really good. The walls of Khartoum are spectacular - will these feature in the upcoming game with General Pettygree? Cheers, Rohan.

    1. Yes, General Gordon will be commanding the Khartoum garrison, of which the city you can see in these pictures. Mrs. Pettygree is larking about in the desert on an archeological dig and hasn't heard the news about the Mahdi's uprising and so,she is heading back to Khartoum, hoping to catch a steamer back to Egypt (unaware that Khartoum isn't as safe as one would believe). Thus it is up to MG Pettygree to rescue both Gordon and the Mrs.

      Meanwhile, The Raisuli has it in for The Mahdi and wants to capture some important hostages because, well just because... (Hello, Mrs. Pettygree?)

      Undoubtedly Harry Flashman, Slatin Pasha, Teddy Roosevelt and a young Winston Churchill will likely make cameo appearances in the game.

  5. What a wonderful script and cast of characters! Some great deeds of derring-do anticipated! Cheers, Rohan.