Thursday, June 11, 2020

Camel Corps Reinforcements

British Camel Corps on maneuvers.
Armies In Plastic 54mm figures.

I was getting a bit burned out on painting hundreds of Dervish warriors so I decided to get back to painting more of my British Camel Corps figures: 54mm Armies in Plastic ("AIP") figures.

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on four more mounted Camel Corps troopers and gave them a double coating of gloss coat

British Camel Corps

The more mass of Camel Corps figures painted, the more impressive they look. I have four more CC in primer plus 1 pack camel, and 2 camels carrying parts of a 7-pound screw gun. I also ordered another six boxes of Camel Corps figures from AIP. At four figures per box, that's another 24 figures, bringing my total up to 40 figures once they are painted. I will need 50 camels to match up with the 50 CC figures on foot that I have.

Camel Corps figures are really hard to beat when it comes to painting figures for the Sudan Campaign.


  1. Holy cow! You're cranking'em out even faster then usual. Soldiers and camels look amazing.

    Best Regards,


    1. Thank you Stokes. I need to lay in a new stock of brushes and camel colored paint soon.

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  2. Surely amazing production. There is something special about the Camel Corps - can't quite put my finger on it but it is so. Congratulations Jim.
    Bill P.

    1. I agree, they have that same effect on me. That's why I can't wait to have 50 of them painted soon. :)

  3. Super ! the collection grows apace ...

  4. Looking very, very spectacular Jim.