Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Minden Austrian Personalities Painted Figures

Minden Austrian Personality Figures
Von Browne (upper left corner), Charles of Lorrain (middle, on horse, looking at foot officers) and von Loudon (right)

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Minden Miniatures as a broad lineup of SYW Personality figures and the Austrian army is well represented with the following generals:

PER-005  General Nadasdy (hussar general)

PER-006  Prince Charles of Lorraine

PER-007  General von Loudon

PER-008  Dismounted Austrian General Staff

PER-013  Marshal von Browne

PER-018  Senior Croat Officer

Nadasdy (left) and Loudan (right)


  1. Fabulous!I bet the real characters would have loved to have looked this good!

  2. Exquisitely proportioned models Sir!
    Best wishes,