Thursday, May 17, 2018

Russian Observation Corps Grenadiers - Painted

New Minden Russian Observation Corps Grenadiers.

I have finished painting the two packs of the new Minden Miniatures SYW Russian Observation Corps Grenadiers: MR-015 Grenadier Command Pack (5 figures) and MR-016 Grenadier Pack (8 figures). Obviously the pictures of painted figures give a better indication of how the figures look as compared to pictures of black washed figures.

I plan to use these figures in a 32-figure grenadier regiment. After that, I will paint some sample Observation Corps Musketeers.

MR-015 Command Pack (5 figures)

MR-015 Command Pack - rear view

MR-016 Grenadier Pack (8 figures)

MR-016 Grenadier Pack - rear view



  1. Wonderful additions, they look great!

  2. Very nice. With my 15mm SYW Russians, I am quite partial to the red waistcoat.

  3. With those long boots, their feet must have been rather sweaty! Another way of putting off the Prussians I imagine!

  4. Superior workmanship Jim!
    Well done,
    Bill P.