Monday, May 14, 2018

Maps of Silesia

Silesia map - circa 1561

I was doing a search for some maps of Silesia, circa the 18th Century, to use as the basis for a campaign map of this theater of war. I thought that my readers would enjoy looking at them and considering how they might use these maps for their own purposes.

The map at the top of the page, circa 1561, is particularly colorful. Breslau and the Oder River are at the bottom of the map and Bohemia, trans mountains in white, is at the top of the map. This is kind of backwards from how we normally view such maps.

The second map is a really good one of Silesia, but alas, I could not make it very large  and it is a bit out of focus, making it difficult to read.

Silesia Map
The third map, below, is one that I intend to use as a photo background for when I take pictures of newly painted battalions for my Prussian armies. It can be printed either in color, as a sepia or in black and white. The sepia version has a good "old" look to it. You can download the map and play around with the coloring in your picture application (iPhotos if you have a Mac computer).

Theater Map of the Seven Years War showing the main domains of Brandenburg, Silesia, and Bohemia.
This map makes for a good background for photographs of units, especially if printed in black and white.

I have always been intrigued with maps and enjoy looking at them and analyzing them in greater detail. I will be posting more maps in the future. I'm looking for a good local map of the Kunersdorf-Paltzig area and one of Poland around the town of Posen. The latter map will provide some context for a raid into Poland to destroy Russian magazines at Posen.

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