Wednesday, April 18, 2018

SYWA Pictures - Part III Fontenoy

French Marshal Maurice de Saxe riding in his wicker chariot, due to a bad case of the gout.


This is the final installment of pictures that I took at the recent SYWA Convention. All of the pictures are of the Fontenoy game hosted by Dannie Fogelman and Richard Goetel. The figures are largely Crann Tara War of Austrian Succession figures, with a few Minden Miniatures as well. This is the nice thing about Crann Tara, Minden and Fife & Drum figures - they are all compatible with one another since they were all sculpted by Richard Ansell.

This was a superb game as the pictures below will attest:

The Irish "Wild Geese" Brigade in French service.

Here is a series of pictures that I took of the French fortifications near and around the town of Fontenoy. Regardless of the rules used, Fontenoy is a tough nut to crack and I wonder if anyone has ever actually capture the town?

French defences surrounding the town of Fontenoy.

French redoubt facing the Dutch attack.

Same redoubt as above.

The famous Redoubt d'Eu which covered the French center on the rise between the
town of Fontenoy and the Bois du Berry wooded area.

One of the British brigades which were part of that "infernal column". Historically, they marched into t
he teeth of the French center and nearly pulled off the victory. I wonder how they did in this game?
Well, that is the end of my pictures from this year's SYW Association convention. Next year's convention will fall on the last weekend of March, unless it is an Easter weekend, in which case the convention moves to the first weekend in April.

These pictures depict but a few of the games that were staged at the convention, all of which were well presented and good looking games. If you have any interest in military history of the 18th Century, then you owe it to yourself to visit our convention.

Next year, my convention game is likely to be the Battle of Kunersdorf to mark that battle's 260th anniversary. The Minden Russian Observation Corps figures will be in production well before the convention so I will be busy with my pot of Reaper Blood Red paint.

Or, I could stage an AWI game.....


  1. Looks a splendid game, you cannot beat games on nice terrain with lovely painted figures!

  2. Jim,
    This is the battle that I have always wanted to fight. This is a cracking representation of the battle, well done.

  3. Wow, gorgeous pictures, sounds fabulous!

  4. A fabulous set of pictures. Each one captured part of the pleasurable games played at this year's con. Nice going!

  5. Jim,
    Great photos and it is one of my favourite battles to fight. It was really good to meet Dan and Ken at Salute

  6. Wonderful. It make me want to collect Pragmatic Allies and French.

  7. A fantastic looking game. Very inspiring!

  8. Next year Easter falls on April 21 (a "late" Easter).


  9. A wonderful looking game. The convention looks to have been marvelous fun. Any details on whether the Allies won? ;-) Cheers, Rohan