Monday, April 30, 2018

Jung Sydow Garrison Regiment V Pictures

Garrison Regiment V - Jung Sydow

I completed the terrain work on the bases and glued on the flags for the Garrison V regiment, or Jung Sydow, which fought at Kunersdorf. The regiment was raised in 1741 to garrison the fortress of Glogau. During the SYW the regiment garrisoned Zullichau, Crossen, Drossen, Beeskow and Sommerfeld, all of which are in eastern Brandenburg or Pomerania. As a result, the regiment would be in the path of the Russian invasions of 1758 and 1759. The regiment had the misfortune of participating in the 1759 battles at Kay and Kunersdorf.

1st Battalion of GAR V shown with its colours and a battalion gun.

I will add a second battalion of the regiment in the near future as I get to work on creating a duff Pomeranian theatre Prussian army to fight my Russians. The eastern Prussian army will have 32 figures on 4 bases. I am thinking of adding a fifth stand - the 3-pound battalion cannon - to each Prussian battalion that I paint for the new organizational scheme. The cannon model will move with the battalion and is largely for looks. It will be allowed to fire at targets that are outside of musket range, but once the 8-inch musket range is reached, then the gun is reduced to just adding one D10 die to the unit's dice rolls for small arms firing.

I will have a separate blog posting that goes into more detail on the new Pomeranian Project.

Normally I would order the necessary flags from GMB Designs, however, they do not make any of the Garrison regiment flags. As a result, I had to hand paint my own flags using Kronoskaf as my reference

GAR V flags painted by Der Alte Fritz
You can compare my brushwork (above) to the Kronoskaf flags (below). Mine are hardly Mark Allen quality, but I gave it my best effort. The most difficult part, for me, is getting the two halves to match up in terms of the size of the emblems. I did the right hand designs first, and then the left hand design second. In both instances, I made the left side slightly smaller. Doh!  Fortunately, it will be hard to tell the difference once the flags are glued to the staff and furled.

I sized the flags to be the same size as the other GMB Prussian flags. I would imagine that the design painting would be easier if I made the flags a little bit larger - provides more area for painting.

Kronoskaf flags:

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  1. Great to see (another?) garrison regiment in miniature, and I think your own flags look wonderful.

    Best Regards,


  2. Superb, figures and flags...and yours look more realistic imho...

  3. Jim,
    Nice flags. I must admit I do like the obscure and unusual regiments. They might not be very good but they do look nice.

    1. I agree Robbie. I'm going through Duffy's book to find some of the worst performing or worst luck regiments in the Prussian army. I think that some freikorps would be a good addition to my army.


  4. The Freikorps gets my vote. Always nice to see obscure units as Robbie has said. The flags look great BTW.

  5. A great looking unit. Love the flags too.