Sunday, April 15, 2018

New Minden Observation Corps Musketeers

Here are some pictures of the new Minden Russian Observation Corps Musketeers (see the previou post for the pictures of the grenadiers). Again, I apologize for the slightly blurry photos, but I think that they convey how the figures will look once cast and in production. There is also a musketeer in waistcoat figure (not shown). The figures were sculpted by Steve Barber using the Minden dollies and equipment made by Richard Ansell, so there is a nice similarity/consitency in style. I am pleased that Steve has been able to step in and help get the Russian range going as we have plenty of other figures to keep Richard very busy.

Observation Corps Musketeer Drummer in waistcoat

Observation Corp Musketeer NCO in waistcoat.

Observation Corps Standard Bearer in regulation coat.

Observation Corps Musketeer Officer in regulation coat.

The greens were sent to Griffin Moulds last week so it shouldn't be too long before we have the production castings ready for sale.

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  1. Lovely models! I only wish you could get them in 15mm!!!