Monday, April 11, 2016

A Short Interlude To Paint

I finished the Battle of Kuhstall over the weekend and have tons of pictures to load onto the blog.The battle had some interesting twists and turns and was not decided until the final turn (Turn 12). I will post the rest of the pictures this evening and comment about the battle and some things that I learned.

So I took a little break from gaming and blogging to work on a 12-figure squadron of the Prussian von Zieten Hussars (HR2). They are pretty much done except for some of the tack on the horses and the need to paint the trumpeter's horse. The squadron will be mounted on Greys ( white horses), but I think that I might use a light leather brown color for the trumpeter to provide a little bit of contrast to the unit. Eventually, a second 12-figure squadron will have to be painted in order to bring the regiment up to full strength at 24 riders. This is a gorgeous looking cavalry regiment and I think that you are going to like it.

The Kuhstall action pointed out a few deficiencies in my Prussian and Austrian armies. The Prussians need a couple of lower quality infantry regiments, either a regiment of freikorps troops or a garrison regiment. I might take advantage of this opportunity to use the broken bayonet figures that I have saved over the past couple of years and put them in a garrison battalion.

The Austrians could use a second rate battalion or two to use in some of these small games. Perhaps the Grune Loudon regiment would look nice on the table top or the Mainz regiment.


  1. Jim, you are a tease! Force build-ups often coincide immediately before or after a game, do they not? This happens to me as well.

    1. That is why we game: we set up a commitment for a convention game or a game with a group of friends and find that we need "just one more unit" for that game. The deadline compels us to paint.

  2. Grune Loudon s'il vous plait!

    Some second rates are a very good idea in fact.