Sunday, March 27, 2016

Austrian Generals Pix

Andras Hadik, as a Marshal
Andras Hadik, in hussar mufti

Hadik (left) and Graf Wied (right)
I finished off a couple of Austrian generals that I needed for my games at the Seven Years War Association Convention next friday and saturday in South Bend, Indiana. I needed an Austrian light cavalry commander for my Battle of Kolin scenario, so I used a Minden Austrian hussar officer and mounted him on one of the "Heroic Horses" in the range. I sort of made up the uniform, based on the portrait at the top left of this page. So he is wearing a white hussar pelisse instead of a uniform coat and a red vest and breeches of hussar uniform cut.

Click on all pictures to enlarge the view.

The other picture, top right, illustrates Hadik later in his military carreer after he had been promoted to Marshal in the Austrian army.

The other officer, in the long white coat, is a major general rank and will probably be Graf Wied or Starhemberg at Kolin. I used the von Loudon personality figure from the Minden figure range.

Same gentlemen, different point of view.
Finally, I needed another 2-wheel ammo cart to use with one of my Austrian infantry brigades. Each brigade of 4 battalions also gets one ammo wagon used to replenish ammunition as it is used up during the game.

Fife & Drum 2-wheel Austrian powder wagon.



  1. Good looking kit, I especially like the powder cart - very pretty yellow.
    Best wishes,

  2. I was hoping that my efforts would garner more than one comment. I look at other blogs and they routinely get 10 to 20 comments on every post . Alas, and sigh, not here.

  3. Well, I've decided that I'll "need" (Ha!) to add a few two-wheeled ammunition carts to the growing transport train sometime before the end of 2016.

    Best Regards,