Friday, March 4, 2016

Austrian Encampment

Charles of Lorraine, with staff, prepares to review the Austrian army. (Click on all pictures to enlarge)

It is the Austrian army's turn to file out onto the parade ground for its annual review of the troops by Prince Charles of Lorraine (the brother of Marie Therese's husband).

Overhead view of the Zittau Camp.

Oddly enough, the chosen camp ground at Zittau looks strangely similar to the Prussian camp at Altenburg, as shown above.

The Hungarian Brigade

The brigade of converged grenadier companies.
When I paint an Austrian regiment, I also paint a grenadier company of 6 figures per battalion so that I can hive them off and converge them into grenadier battalions, as shown above.

First Austrian infantry brigade.

Second Austrian infantry brigade.

The above picture provides a good view of how I organize my infantry brigades. There are two regiments of two battalions = 4 battalions. Each regiment also gets one 3-pound regimental cannon, although one seems to be missing in this photo. Each brigade also gets one ammunition wagon (2-wheels) to supply it with small arms ammunition throughout the game. Each regiment of 2 battalions also has one inhaber or colonel to command it. Finally, the brigade commander on a 2-inch round base commands the brigade.

Prince Charles and his staff commence the inspection. Graf Wied rides out to present his brigade to the Prince.

Serbelloni's Austrian & Saxon Cavalry Brigade
Cavalry are comprised of regiments with two squadrons of 12-figures, or 24 figures in total. I may eventually increase the size to 36 figures or 3 squadrons. My squadrons are not historical, they are organized this way for gaming purposes. An Austrian cavalry regiment usually had 5 squadrons in the field and one squadron back at the depot.

A closer view of Serbelloni's brigade.

Stampach's Austrian cavalry brigade.

The staff toady up to Prince Charles and tell him how great the army looks.

Another view of the staff - that is actually Marshal Leopold Daun on the right.

More toadying of the staff to Prince Charles, for all the good it will do them.

The army is nearly completed and ready to fight at this year's Seven Years Was Association Convention in South Bend, Indiana on March 31 and April 1st.


  1. Splendid and very, very impressive!

  2. Holy cow! I'm utterly speechless. This ends the week on a high note.

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  3. Fantastic! Quite a spectacle, with a cast of thousands (or so it almost appears!).

  4. Really marvellous looking set up!


  5. Looking at this again this morning. You are the Cecil B. DeMille of Wargaming.

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  6. Nicely done - a great array of arms

  7. Who makes the horse that the RSM general is riding? Best regards, Bill

  8. Beautiful, Fritz. I look at your troops, and I have to keep telling myself that I don't need another period to game . . .

    1. You need another period to game Scott. Come on, you know you want it. 😀

  9. Beautiful miniatures, Jim. One of the premier collections ever seen for wargaming the SYW period.