Thursday, June 4, 2015

AMG Game Pix

The AMG members at Partizan 2015

Here are a few of the pictures that I took at the Partizan game last week. The images will expand or enlarge if you click on the picture. I will add more pictures to this thread so that you can see all of the photographs that I took in an "expandable mode" (the originals are not expandable since they were loaded into the blog on my iPad). More later.

Frederick the Great vignette after Karl Rochling painting, by John Ray

The "Immortals - IR5 Alte Braunschweig Regiment" (at the edge of the stream) drove off four French battalions during the battle.

I am looking particularly happy today. And who wouldn't be at such a game.

John Ray's Prussian Dragoons - first squadron

John Ray's Prussian Dragoons - second squadron


  1. Thanks for posting the photo's Jim, sadly my camera phone could not overcome the darkness of the building.
    So most my photo's did not come out.
    It was brilliant to meet you and I had an excellent day.
    The French may have lost but we lost in style.


    1. Actually William, I think that Charles declared the French the overall winner from a strategic point of view. You may be referring to the Quatre Bras game though. I was great to meet you. See you at AMG16 hopefully.

  2. Jim,

    It was a real pleasure to have met you at the AMG weekend. Enjoyed our chat and standing next to you fighting those pesky French.
    We made a couple of good decisions during the game. Including the sacrifice of our artillery.
    Warmest Regards

  3. Jim,

    Some lovely photos. Look forward to seeing the others.


  4. Great pictures for a beautiful looking game, impressive lines of battle!

  5. I've bought the (amazing) book and joined! Hopefully see you all next year