Sunday, July 20, 2014

More Fife & Drum Greens - Artillery Train

Civilian driver in hat and waistcoat (left), shown on a cavalry horse.

We have been busy at Fife & Drum, lately, getting our new civilian artillery limber drivers ready for production. The figures include one civilian driver in hat and waistcoat and another civilian driver wearing a tricorn and coat. While both are designed to use in the Fife & Drum AWI figure range, they would be equally at home in Europe, driving a supply wagon in service of any European army. These two figures replace the existing Fife & Drum civilian riders and horses, which are now out of production and will be retired. They old versions were sculpted by another sculptor and I wanted to replace them with Richard Ansell designed figures so that everything would match up and be consistent.

We have also added an Austrian and a Prussian limber horse driver to use for War of Austrian Succession or Seven Years War - both are wearing uniform coats and tricorn hats. I will post pictures of them in a couple of days as I wanted to focus on the civilians today. I am really excited to add the uniformed drivers to the Minden range - I have been using the RSM limber driver (looking over his shoulder) and I wanted more variety and options. Now we have both.

We have also added four new limber team horses to the range, pictured after the drivers in this blog posting.

Civilian driver in hat and waistcoat (right)

Civilian driver in tricorn and coat (left)

Civilian driver in tricorn and coat (right)

Limber Horse 1 - for rider

Limber Horse 2 - for rider

Limber Horse 3

Limber Horse 4

Eventually, we might add some standing limber horses to the range, but I like what we have now.

All of the above greens have been sent off to Griffin Moulds to have the production moulds made and the new figures cast. (actually, LH 3 and LH4 are already in production and available now; the other two horses are waiting for moulds).


  1. Hello, Jim. These look very good. I can see a mixture of these with the Austrian & Prussian drivers getting a lot of use. You and Richard have been very busy beavers lately. Cheers, Rohan.

  2. Jim,
    Great job, as usual. I particularly like the variety of horse poses. Well done. Tom

  3. Excellent modeeling work with the putty. I've been fiddling with this on some mounted rangers and Highlander Trolls, but this is great! Thanks for posting.

  4. Any idea when these will be ready?