Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Artist Steve Hezzlewood

"The 44th Regiment of Foot, Niagara 1758" watercolor by Steve Hezzlewood.

Over on the forum, "A Military Gentleman" or AMG, today the topic of Steve Hezzlewood's biography came up in conversation and in the course of doing a Google search on the fellow, I stumbled across this really nice water color that he painted many years ago. I knew that Steve was an excellent sculptor (in fact his RSM or Pax Britannia figures are responsible for getting me into wargaming in the first place), but I had no idea that he was an artist as well. I suppose that the two talents naturally go together.

The painting depicts the British 44th Regiment of Foot in North America. I found a copy of the picture on line, but it was listed as being in "Nigeria", which I believe to be a typo. The setting is supposed to be "Niagara", of course.

For some reason, the figures in the water color remind me so much of Steve's RSM wargame miniatures. Actually, the answer is quite simple: Steve was an artist by training and he used transferred his ability to draw and paint realistic people into the putty medium to create realistic looking wargame figures.
RSM Prussian Cuirassiers sculpted by Steve Hezzlewood.

By the way, if you have bought a copy of John Ray's book, "A Military Gentlemen in the 18th Century", then you really owe it to yourself to zip over to John's web site and join the forum.

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  1. All things considered I have to say that Steve is/was my favourite figure sculptor. That artwork is very nice too.