Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Minden Greens: Cuirassiers du Roi

Here is a peek at the first batch of French cavalry greens that I received from Richard Ansell today, depicting the Cuirassiers du Roi regiment. The CdR have the distinction of wearing bearskin hats and also of being the only cavalry regiment to wear their cuirasses outside of their coat.

Please take a close look at each figure and let me know what you think. If there is anything that needs to be changed, now is the time to speak up. :)

Cuirassiers du Roi officer (click to enlarge view)

Cuirassiers du Roi officer

Cuirassiers du Roi Standard Bearer

Cuirassiers du Roi Standard Bearer

Cuirassiers du Roi Trooper

Cuirassiers du Roi Trooper

Cuirassiers du Roi Trumpeter

Cuirassiers du Roi Trumpeter

Here is a teaser photo of the figure that Richard sculpted representing the French marshal Maurice de Saxe as he might have appeared during the Battle of Fontenoy in 1745. He was riding around the field in a wicker carriage because he was ill. The carriage was created as a joint project with Westphalia Miniatures: Minden made the Maurice figure and Westphalia made the wicker carriage. We will also have the Volontaires de Saxe Uhlans to provide an escort for Maurice - pictures of these will be posted tomorrow.
Maurice de Saxe riding in his wicker carriage during the Battle of Fontenoy in 1745.
Wicker 4-wheel carriage created by Niels Rulkotter of Westphalia Miniatures as part of a joint project with Minden Miniatures.

Here is a print of Maurice de Saxe and his wicker carriage at Fontenoy. His  uhlan escort is also shown in the picture. Minden has also made the carriage driver monted on the horse and of course, the uhlans de Saxe.



  1. Hi Jim,

    I'm building Austrians and Prussians at the moment, however these look lovely new additions to the Minden range. I like he style and posture of your heavy cavalry, but can't comment on aspects of the uniforms, which is what I think you're asking for. I really like the general in his carriage, which I'm sure will be popular for both French and Imag-ination armies. This is a very unique sculpt. Excellent work - very well done alround.

  2. De Saxe in his carraige, gosh, that is sooo tempting.

  3. Maurice (Moritz) absolutely great idea and its obvious will be also great sculpted.
    Sure not a 'Prussian'^^ but its clear if released then soon ordered.
    Also a Saxon in French service is very welcome.

  4. Excellent figures, would love to buy them, but nobody in UK sells them.

  5. Will - I have bought them direct from to Australia and it was a great transaction.

  6. Wills: I sell Minden figures to a lot of people in the UK and on average it takes about 5 business days to ship from the US to the UK. Easy peasy.

    I also make it easy on my international customers by
    charging only a flat rate of $10 for postage, which is probably less than you would pay if you bought them from a dealer in the UK. Oh, and you would also be paying the 20% VAT if the figures were purchased in the UK.

    I buy figures from UK based companies all the time and in the Internet Age, international orders are as easy to do as ordering from the store down the street from where you live. Why not give it a try?


  7. Jim,
    There you go again, finding new ways to separate me from my money. The cuirassiers are beautiful: definitely need a regiment, and Uhlans too - the icing on the cake. I'm in! Tom

  8. These greens look absolutely scrumptious!

    Best Regards,


  9. Lovely as always...

  10. Cheers for you reply,
    But I am unable to work out if I have to pay VAT on the figures or customs and the post office for the pleasure of opening any parcel sent to me from USA????
    HMCR do not make it easy for UK residents.

    Ta Willz

  11. Jim,
    Does that mean you will be selling the carraige and Marshal as a unit.
    If so I would dearly like to buy one.
    Thanks Robbie.

  12. Robbie: Crann Tara Miniatures in the UK (Graham Cummings) will be selling the Uhlans and all of the components in the wagon set to customers in the UK and Euroland.

    Each set will include the wagon, Maurice sitting, two limber horses, and one mounted limber rider/driver in Uhlan garb similar to what is shown in the black and white illustration. We won't have a price yet until we are able to cost the components out.

    The Volontaires de Saxe Uhlans can be purchased separately to escort the Marshall or build up a couple of squadrons. There will be one African trooper holding a lance that can be used as Maurice's personal bodyguard, the of the figures being Caucasian .


  13. Ahh! The true "Heavies" are in the pipeline - wonderful! These with the lancers & the must-have Marshal are longed for reinforcements! Xmas may come early this year... though there is Father's Day, too. :-) Cheers, Rohan.