Friday, May 30, 2014

Tarleton's Legion Has Arrived!

Tarleton's British Legion at the charge, showing all 7 of the new figures (click to enlarge).

I just received two large boxes full of castings from Griffin Moulds today, and the shipment included the new Fife & Drum AWI Dragoons: British Legion Cavalry (7 poses), the British 17th Light Dragoons (4 charging poses) and the 3rd Continental Dragoons (4 charging poses). I only had time to glue, blackwash and photograph the British Legion figures this evening, so I will do the rest of the figures in a day or two and post the pictures here.

Let's let the pictures tell the story:

Command figures: officer (left) and trumpeter (right)

Two charging variants on two different charging horses.

Shouldered sword trooper on walking horse.

Firing pistol and hacking downward.

I will be sending figures out to the Kickstarter backers first, starting next week, but after that the figures are available to everyone. If you did not participate in the Kickstarter campaign you are probably kicking yourself wondering why you did not back the campaign. Not to worry, feel free to pre-order any of our Continental or British AWI dragoons and I can start shipping in two weeks. There is no payment necessary until I am ready to ship you your figures, but the pre-order ensures that I am able to set aside the figures that you want.

For the time being, we are selling the cavalry as single figures, but eventually the plan is to package them in packs of two or three figures.

British Legion Product Codes ($6.00 each including horse)

BC-003   Banastre Tarleton Personality Figure
BC-025   British Legion Officer, Charging
BC-026   British Legion Trumpeter, Charging
BC-027   British Legion Trooper, Hacking Downwards
BC-028   British Legion Trooper, Charging Variant #1
BC-029   British Legion Trooper, Charging Variant #2
BC-030   British Legion Trooper, Shouldered Sword
BC-031   British Legion Trooper, Firing Pistol

British 16th Light Dragoons ($6.00 each including horse)

BC-010   16th Light Dragoons Officer, Pointing
BC-011   16th Light Dragoons Trumpeter
BC-012   16th Light Dragoons Trooper, Shouldered Sword, Uniform Coat
BC-013   16th Light Dragoons Trooper, Shouldered Sword, Hunting Shirt
BC-014   16th Light Dragoons Trooper, Rested Carbine on Right Thigh
BC-015   16th Light Dragoons Trooper, Firing Pistol
BC-016   16th Light Dragoons Trooper, Firing Carbine
BC-017   16th Light Dragoons Trooper, Loading Carbine

British 17th Light Dragoons($6.00 each including horse)

BC-018   17th Light Dragoons Officer, Charging
BC-019   17th Light Dragoons Trumpeter, Charging
BC-020   17th Light Dragoons Trooper, Charging Variant #1
BC-021   17th Light Dragoons Trooper, Charging Variant #2


  1. Wonderful additions!!!! Beautifully done as usual.

  2. Lovely stuff. Need some Lazun's Hussars for Gloucester Point battle!

  3. Ah, very nice indeed. I look forward to the pics of the 17 LD. These will be just the thing to round out the backorder on the 3 pdr's when they arrive. Of course, they will need more Brits to keep them company then ;-)

  4. Ah, you are the person who ordered the 3-pdrs. They are back in stock as are the 17th Light Dragoons. :)

  5. Any change we can get photos of the new continental dragoons?