Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Minden Prussian Personality Figures

Frederick II of Prussian and his staff. Minden Miniatures painted by Leuthen Studios.

I figured that it was about time to show pictures of the Minden Prussian personality figures on my blog. The vignettes were painted and based by Leuthen Studios, as I wanted these to look extra special. Click the pictures to enlarge the view.

We used the following Minden figures:

PER-001 Duke of Brunswick and staff on foot - $12.00
PER-002 Frederick (with horse)  - $7.00
PER-003 von Seydlitz (with horse) - $7.00
PER-004 von Zieten (with horse) and ADC - $9.00

We used the dismounted figures from set PER-001 to create vignettes on the main personality stands of Frederick, von Seydlitz and von Zieten. Richard Ansell's sculpts really come alive under the brushes of Leuthen Studios, as I am sure that you will agree.

Von Zieten (left) and von Seydlitz (right) personality figures from Minden Miniatures, painted by Leuthen Studios.
And finally, the Garde du Corps (KR13) to provide a little bit of protection for the Sovereign:

Garde du Corps (KR13) from Minden Miniatures, showing its unique vexillum standard that was recently added to the range. Painted by Leuthen Studios.


  1. Very nice indeed. The bases are just right to set them off - not too overpowering but very realistic looking.

  2. Salut again!

    Yes, those 'command' figures are absolutely fine, i would like more different types, and more and more and sure...more 'staff' in my collection. (Btw, also the Austrians are great).

    But one detail of those painted i think should be perhaps changed? The sashes for the prussian generals should not be white, or what do you think?

    Best regards

  3. Und du, mein' Freund, und du mein' Freund, und alles uns zusammen!

  4. Good eye Rudiger, you are correct. The painter is new to the SYW and missed that detail . I have been meaning to repaint all of the sashes orange, but just have not gotten around to doing it. :)


  5. A Minden hint: check out the dragoon officers for Austria, Prussia and France, etc for good candidates to use as aide de camps. The French dragoon officer is particularly unique in its pose.


  6. Great looking Garde du corps, but I must admitt that my favourites are your command stands, really amazing...congrats!