Monday, March 11, 2013

The French Vanguard Crosses the Border

12e Chasseurs a Cheval pass through a Spanish town on the way to Portugal. Colonel Guyot (far right watches his regiment march by. Legere infantry clear out the town before the cavalry enters.
The 12e Chasseurs and the 25e Legere are observed by the civilians from the roofs of the houses.

The 7e Chasseurs a Cheval bring up the rear of the column. The 25e Legere steps off the road so that the  cavalry may pass. (Double Click all pictures to enhance your viewing pleasure)

Marshal Soult's army has left Corunna, after defeating Moore's British army, which evacuated by sea. Now the famous marshal, the Duke of Damnation, to the British soldiers, has cast his eyes on the real prize: Lisbon. The preparations have been made and the vanguard of the French army, consisting of the 12e Chasseurs a Cheval (240 horse), the 7e Chasseurs a Cheval (150 horse) and the 1er Chasseurs a Cheval (180 horse) lead the army across the Spanish frontier and into Portugal. The 25e Regiment de Legere (720 men in all ranks) accompanies the cavalry. Colonel Guyot of the 1er Chasseurs is in command of the French vanguard (1,290 men infantry and cavalry).

Spies are already sending their observations and intelligence to the British headquarters in Lisbon, Major General Pettygree commanding. A clash of arms appears to be imminent, perhaps as soon as six days (on Saturday March 16, 2013) in this first encounter of our new Iberian Campaign, 1808 to 1814.


  1. Wonderful - I particularly like the work you've done on your roads. Might have to steal that.

  2. I've been really enjoying this series of posts. Are staged for the pictures or "in game" action shots? Either way they are excellent, keep 'em coming.
    Have fun,

  3. These are staged photos. We will e posting actual game photos next Saturday after our game.