Thursday, March 28, 2013

New French SYW Artillery

Here are pictures of the greens for the new Fife & Drum 8-pound and 12-pound Valliere System cannon that we are adding to our artillery equipment range. The models will be sent to Griffin Designs for the making of production moulds and castings. Hopefully, we can get these lovely models into production by the end of April. Click the pictures to enlarge the view.

French 8-pound Valliere System Cannon

French 12-pound Valliere System Cannon

Prussian heavy limber, suitable for French artillery (same design)
These models are done in 1/56 scale and are designed for use with Frank Hammond's Minden Miniatures SYW range and the Fife & Drum Miniatures AWI range.


  1. Nice. Who sculpted these for you?

  2. That's done it. I'm frothing at the mouth and have gone mad with anticipation. What incredible little models!

    Best Regards,


  3. Stokes, in the words of Deborah Harry, "one way or another, I'm gonna gitcha gitcha gitcha gitcha." :)

  4. Der Alte,

    Beautiful work, just beautiful! More irresistible even than your Blondie hook!

  5. Just went to fife and drum and sadly the Prussian equipment did not appear to be listed.

    Do you have an idea as to when you might be able to release these.

    They are just too pretty to pass up.