Friday, March 1, 2013

1806 French Army - Update

Old Glory French Legere battalion, from the old limited edition Dave Alsop sculpts that Old Glory issued in the early 1990s (?). The figures were painted by Dennis Smail. These are wonderful figures full of elan and animation. Click to enbiggen.
I updated the post from this morning, removing the picture of the Prussian cavalry, and adding a new artillery and cavalry picture. I also replaced the infantry picture with the same pic, though in a better quality. If you double click on all the pictures, then the enlargement is huge.

I also added more commentary and information about my divisional organization, so please take another look at this morning's posting.

I will post pictures of the 1806 Prussians tomorrow.

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  1. Done, I think.

    It is always nice to see troops in bicorns. And, with a quick flag swap, the 1806 French work for the latter Revolution.

  2. Always good to see the rarer Alsops out on the table.

    Thanks for these 1806 pictures, enjoyed looking at them.

  3. I've got three boxes of these at home - fantastic figures. Someday I'll get around to them...