Friday, January 18, 2013

Master of my Domain!

I purchased a new iPad today so that hopefully I can blog "on the go" and/or view pages on Blogger whenever I want to without fear of censorship. Pretty cool!

Then again, maybe not.

It looks like Blogger won't accept anything posted from my iPad. I assume that there is some way to set this up so that I can.

It looks like I can add my iPhone as a device that Blogger will accept for posting blog entries, but not so for the iPad. If anyone has a solution for how to post blogs from the iPad, please let me know.

Oh well.


I have a four day weekend, having taken Friday off as a vacation day and with Monday being a national holiday (ML King Day), that makes for a nice long stretch of painting time. I am currently working on a regiment of AWI Continentals in hunting shirts - marching poses instead of firing poses and I hope to get the regiment done by Monday.


Capt Bill said...

I love Virginia, they celebrate Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and MLK day at the same time!

Sgt Steiner said...

There is a specific Blogger App that allows one to publish blog posts.
Don't seem able to do it from within a browser such as Safari or Chrome on iPad


Bloggerator said...

May be the app for you.


Bloggerator said...

This looks good as well.


Der Alte Fritz said...

Thanks Greg! That's the ticket. It seems to work now.

Bloggerator said...

Here in IT Support the fun never ends!