Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fritz's 300th Birthday (his, not mine) is Coming Soon

A young Frederick

Whenever January rolls around, I know that it is time to start thinking about the anniversary of Frederick the Great's birthday and make plans for a grand review of the troops on the Marchfeld. For a brief moment I had thought that I had missed His Royal Nibs' birthday, but to my great relief, it is on January 24th so it is not too late to set up the troops and stage the review.

As one might expect, plans are being made in Germany to provide a fete for the Great One's 300th anniversary birthday:

So what should I do? Should I stage a review of my 30mm BAR army or one of my smaller Minden Miniatures army?

To assist me in making the decision, I have posted a new poll on the upper left hand corner of the page. The poll will run for 8 days through January 20, 2012. So click on your vote and help me decide.


  1. I'd like the old inspirational boost of seeing the 30's once again.


  2. Have the Mindens parade for a contingent of Frederick's Brittanian guests. Or his colonial guests. Either way :-)

  3. It would seem that evn your blog followers seem to be of two minds. The differences between the top two choices are not statistically significant. Would it be possible to do both?

  4. @ CelticCurmudgeon: Invading Bohemia is running surprisingly strong. I don't know what I would do if that one won.

  5. You could stage a minor border incursion into Bohemia which might have the virtue of allowing you to play with your light troops as well as celebrate Fritz's 300th....

  6. Dear Alte Fritz - me too, I voted for the invasion... you can count on my support if this will win:-)
    A new stamp is released by the Deutsche Post; a "Sondermarke Friedrich der Gro├če" in occasion of your birthday.
    In adoration of your great oeuvre and in expression of my respect to your talent, I will appreciate sending you one in original, if you like! Just give me a sign!

  7. Dear Scheck: I just left a message on your blog about the stamps. I would love to receive a copy:

    altefritz1740 (at ) yahoo (dot) com

  8. Nicely done! Looks just like the image of Col Cadwalader as I recall it from the Osprey books.