Saturday, January 28, 2012

6th Maryland Regiment - AWI

6th Maryland Regiment - Fife & Drum Miniatures (click to enlarge).

Here is a picture of the 6th Maryland Regiment in the American Revolutionary War, circa 1777. I wanted a change of pace from painting blue coats, so I selected this unit from a picture in the John Mollo book on AWI uniforms.

I am now up to seven Continental regiments and three militia regiments, having finished the third militia battalion this evening. I want to paint one more militia unit for the brigade. The militia commander will likely be Colonel John Cadwalader of the Philadelphia Associators. They did not fight in the Philadelphia Campaign of 1777, but they did make a big contribution during Washington's Winter campaign at Trenton and Princeton .

I have way too many British light infantry NCOs for some reason, so I am considering lopping off their heads and putting them onto some Continentals marching. Thus the Continentals will have brimmed hats turned up on the right, with a feather in their cap (and they called it maccaroni). I did an experimental figure using one of the Continental mounted officers and a British brimmed hat - it is really turning out nicely, so this gives me the confidence that I can convert a small unit of, say, 20 figures and paint them as one of the Philadelphia Associator battalions. Again, I'm doing this to have some variety in my Continental army.

I will post a picture of the Delaware Regiment tomorrow.


  1. Could you post a pic of the conversion along with the Delaware? I'd be curious to see it.

  2. Very nice work. I'm enjoying watching the American forces take shape. And as always, your brushwork is outstanding.

  3. Agreed! Even elegant in an understated sort of way. And of course, the Maryland flag is a nice touch too.

    Best Regards,


  4. Excellent. You seem to have found the cure for your painting blues earlier!

    Have you looked into just using the British Light NCO as is and painting him like a Continental for units with captured and redyed British uniforms? Or are the uniform pants and gaiters of the British so dissimilar from Continental uniforms that you cannot bridge the gap with paint?