Monday, July 4, 2011

Company A of the 83rd Foot

Several views of my first 12 figures for the 83rd Regiment. Figures are all from Elite Miniatures. (click to enlarge).

I got at least one company of 12 figures painted over the holiday weekend, and hopefully will have a second company completed by Tuesday evening, given that I have the next two days off from work.

I've pretty much decided that the first regiment will be the 83rd Regiment of Foot, which was part of Colville's brigade (along with the 94th and 5th regiments) in Picton's Third Division of Wellington's Peninsular army. I don't know if I will ever paint the other two regiments in the brigade, but if I eventually choose to add more redcoats, then these will be the lads that I add.

I sent off an order to GMB Designs Flags yesterday, and now that they have a web site with a shopping cart feature, ordering flags is easy peasy and so all things are tickety-boo for now.


  1. Jim,
    Your new redcoats are resplendent. Very well done!

  2. I give you credit for these because I have to say they are some very bad sculpts. I remember doing some french of them a while back and the oblong necks just threw me off.

  3. Is that Colonel Carr watching over the company?

  4. Jim the 83rd were raised in Dublin, they were known as 'Fitches Grenadiers'. This was because the soldiers height was significantly less than the other regts they were brigaded with, and of course the commanding officers name was Fitch.

    You could try the website of the Royal Ulster Rifles which is quite good on its antecedents.


  5. Looking very promising. If they were from Dublin, you could call them Jim's Jackeens.

  6. According to Wikipedia, the 83rd were "the County of Dublin" Regiment:

    So you could always call them "Dubliners" or simply Irish.

    -- Jeff

  7. Im a huge fan of all things Elite.
    Your painting does them great justice.

    Now paint a full 1/20 battalion =)