Thursday, June 9, 2011

AWI Continental Command - Fife & Drum

Fife & Drum Continental Command Figures (l-r) officer, standard bearer, drummer and NCO. Please click the pix to enlarge the view.

Rear view of the Continental Command figures.

Here are pictures of the last four figures in the current batch of AWI Continentals that are on the work bench of Richard Ansell. They are in marching poses to match those of the Continental rank and file figures shown a couple of days ago.

The standard bearer will require the employment of a pin vise so that you can drill holes through the hands. Richard made the Minden ensigns in the same manner and from my experience, this results in a stronger attachment of the flag pole to the figure, i.e. the flag is never going to fall out of the figures hands due to rough handling on the table top.


  1. As ever beautiful figures. The officer I note carries a drawn sword - do you plan an officer carrying a spontoon or some continentals in gaiter trousers?

  2. Здорого!!! Молодец !!! Отменная работа! Возникает вопрос. А Британские части будут ? Очень хотелось увидить Британцев.