Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Seaforth Highlanders for sale

Connoisseur British Colonial Highlanders painted by Der Alte Fritz. Click picture to enlarge the view. Note: the regiment consists of 72 foot and one mounted officer. I have not shown all of the foot figures in this particular photo.

UPDATE: Figures SOLD! (but serving under General Pettygree in the future)
It is with some regret that I have decided to place my Seaforth Highlanders on the sale block, but Life needs trump the need to keep some of my favorite toys, so they are now for sale.

These are Connoisseur Miniatures, sculpted by Peter Gilder, and they have been painted in khaki for service in the Northwest Frontier or in the Sudan during the Omdurman Campaign. The regiment consists of 72 figures plus one mounted commander. The figures are largely in the "at the ready" pose which makes them suitable for either advancing or forming square. I also have another 24 unpainted figures that I could paint for you, should you decide to purchase the regiment and want to increase its size. The figures are mounted on 3/4" square metal stands and come with magnetic movement trays holding six figures each. The stands are finished with terrained basing (spackle compound/Tetrion and fine gravel) that befits their duty in desert terrain.

I am asking $7.00 per figure or $504 for the lot (let's make it an even $500) and I will throw in the mounted colonel at no extra charge. The figures are nicely painted with two tone shading and highlighting on the tunic, helmet and equipment. The kilts were a little complicated to paint, but look very nice too.

Another view of the Seaforth's and their mounted colonel in action.

I also have 200 Dervish that I am willing to sell for $3.00 each or $600 for the lot. Half of them are Ansar wearing jibbahs and the other half are Hadendowa (the famous Fuzzy Wuzzy warrior of Kipling fame). The Dervish are all Connoisseur figures that were painted by Fernando Enterprises to a very reasonable standard. I am charging less for the Dervish since my cost for painting them was lower.

Hadendowah warriors (left) and Ansar warriors (right) close in on the last stand of the Highlanders.

If you have an interest in purchasing either the Seaforth Highlanders, the Dervish or both (an additional discount of $100 will be applied to anyone who wants to purchase all of the figures at once), then send me an e-mail at the following address:


I hope that my Seaforth Highlanders find a good home and that they continue to perform exceptional feats of valour for you, as they have done for me.


  1. Oh no, what is General Pettygree going to do if his Highlanders go on "foreign service"? :D

  2. Good news: the Seaforth Highlanders will soon be commanded by General Pettygree himself.