Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Scruby Prussians - Old School Heritage For Sale

Classic Jack Scruby miniatures painted as Prussian Fusilier Regiment IR42 Wied. They are looking for a good home. Please contact me if you would like them to join your army at for more information.

Summer Sale Update
All of the Austrians, the Bavarians and Prussian cavalry have all found new homes. I want to thank everyone for their purchases and look forward to shipping orders out this week and next week. In some cases, units are being rebased, others are being amalgamated and touched up with matching facing colors, and in several instances, I am painting extra figures to fill out the unit to the customer's specifications. I am starting my summer vacation next week, so taking care of orders should keep me fairly busy.

If you missed out on some of the offerings, I have plenty of unpainted RSM castings for Austrians, Prussians, British and French that I can paint to your specifications. I will also be posting a few more sales over the next several days. So stay tuned for more information.

Scruby Prussian Fusiliers for Sale: $245.00 (58 foot + 1 Mounted Officer)
There is one unit that is feeling a bit lonely, and that is the fine Scruby Prussian fusilier regiment IR42 Wied (58 foot and 1 mounted officer - a Spencer Smith one piece plastic figure). This is about as Old School as one can get. The unit is very attractively painted and at $4.00 per figure, represents very good value for the lucky owner of this battalion. The figures have not been based yet, so they could be set up on single stands or grouped together on multi-figure stands.

I purchased this fine looking regiment of Scruby Prussian Fusiliers painted as IR42 Wied, a few years ago and I have to say that the painter really did a nice job on the figures. There are 58 figures and one Spencer Smith plastic officer. If you are looking for a nice Old School battalion of well painted Scruby figures, then this would be an excellent addition to your collection. The figures are not mounted on bases, but rather have green bases for those of you who are interested in that Classic Wargame look as seen in Charge! These are priced to sell at about $4.00 per figure or $245.00 for the whole regiment. This would be perfect for BAR or Charge or you could base the figures into two 30 figure battalions to create a two battalion regiment in a 1:20 ratio.

Next in the sale que:
I have a very attractive SYW British and Hanoverian army that I will be offering for sale later this week. It consists of 4 Hanoverian regiments (2 Front Rank and 2 Sash & Sabre figures), 1 Keith's Highlanders (Old Glory), 3 other British regiments (1 Elite Miniatures and 3 Sash & Sabre), 1 Freitag's Jagers (Front Rank), 1 Hessian Jager (Old Glory?) and some Hanoverian artillery (2 x 6pdrs). I also have 2 British 3 pound guns and crew that I might keep for my own BAR army, but will consider offers. The painting quality is very good, so I am offering these battalions/regiments at $6.00 per figure. Stay tuned for pictures of this colorful army.

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