Sunday, June 7, 2009

Koningen Dragoon (DR5) of 1806

Two squadrons of the Koningen Dragoons. Imperialist Enterprises figures painted by Der Alte Fritz. Elite Miniatures officer on the round stand. GMB Designs flags. Click all pictures to enlarge the view.

Since the beginning of June, I've said au revoir to the French because now it is time to build up the Prussian army in my ongoing 1806 Project. Through the first six days I have been able to complete two twelve figure squadrons of DR5 Koningen Dragoons (the Queen's Dragoons). These fellows are the descendents of Frederick the Great's famous Bayreuth Dragoons from the WAS and the Seven Years War.

The figures are from the Imperialist Enterprises range of 1806 Prussians, although it is my understanding that Bob Haggerty sold the Napoleonics ranges to Chris von Fahnestock of Outland Games. Whatever the ownership, these are huge figures, measuring much larger than 30mm and they tower over my Elite Miniatures Prussians (which are listed as 28mm but for all practical purposes are much more like 30mm figures). As you can see from the pictures, they are beautiful looking figures. They come in four poses: officer, standard bearer, trumpeter and trooper and one horse pose is available. I don't mind the uniformity of appearance as this is a trait that says "Prussian" to me. I have 48 figures in total, and 24 of them have been painted so far, with a third squadron of 12 figures getting black primered this evening. So I plan to add the third squadron this week and then switch back to Prussian infantry.

The first squadron of DR5, with the white colonel's colour, from GMB Designs.

The second squadron of DR5, with the regimental colours, also from GMB Designs.

One of the reasons I like the 1806 Prussian army is that they still have an 18th Century appearance to them with their long coat tails, turnbacks and lapels, an bicorn hats. So I kind of feel like I'm painting a SYW army, even though I know that it will face off against Monsieur Bonaparte's formidable army. They are still organized in the same manner as Frederick's army and the flags look nearly identical.

I am using mostly Elite Miniatures' 1806 range of 28mm figures for my infantry, cavalry and artillery units. I will also have two Imperialist cavalry regiments, one of dragoons and one of cuirassiers. Wargames Foundry has just released the beginnings of an 1806 Prussian army and one can expect that the Foundry will have a comprehensive range of figures. That said, I plan to stick with Elite Miniatures and dodge in the occaisional Foundry unit such as jagers, horse artillery crew and personality figures.

After the third squadron of DR5 is completed, I plan to shift over to IR23 von Winning musketeer regiment in the new march attack pose and then IR5 von Kliest which will be in a firing line pose (front rank kneeling firing, second rank standing firing, and third rank at the ready).

All of this points to our first official play test of our BAR styled Napoleonics rules on July 18, 2009. We set a firm date for our first game so that I would have a deadline to paint against. Otherwise, the 1806 Project might have lingered on and on; however, the incentive of the game should result in a sufficient number of infantry, cavalry and artillery for both sides. It should look spectacular.


  1. Nicely done!

    I'm assuming your first game of BAR-Napoleonic will be at Historicon? If so, I'll make it a point to stop by and observe!


  2. Hi Jim,

    these look splendid and I admire your consistency of purpose as many painters would consider the similarity between 1806 and Seven Years war uniforms to be a disincentive to the project. I look forward to seeing more.

    I am also eagerly awaiting news of the development of BAR for Napoleonic games as i hope to try them a t some point.

    While looking at your squadrons the thought occurred to me that the trumpeters are in the usual wargame pose of playing to the side. Do you think this is because of the sculpting or the horse's head? You don't see the trumpet facing forward. If I were the officer or trooper who had the trumpet pointing at my ear I wouldn't be too pleased. Just a thought.

    all the best.

    Stephen [Duke of Baylen]

  3. Capt Bill, I emailed you on the 6th June regarding your comments here and on my blog, but have still to hear from you. Just so you know I have responded.

    PS Sorry to use your blog again Jim for the wrong reasons. Great figs and painting once again, now get back to the SYW please :-)

  4. Hi Frank. You're right, I need to get back to SYW, especially after receiving the latest package from you today.

    I find myself rethinking the whole Hesse Seewald- Minden figures project and now I'm leaning towards using the figures for conventional Austrian and Prussian armies with 20 to 30 figure units. I would mount 4 to 6 figures on a base and not use the movement tray system that we employ in BAR. These new battalions would replace my old RSM armies for use with my own set of rules (apart from BAR). Yes Frank, that means more figure orders from you :)

    Stephen: we will start play testing the BAR Napoleonic rules this month and I will keep everyone posted on our progress through this blog. Perhaps you would like to be one of the playtesters after we try out some of the concepts.

  5. I'd be very happy to be involved in the playtesting of BAR-N
    I shall also look forward in time to seeing the Mindens painted in due course as referred to above. Your productivity is awesome when compared to the current slowdown of my own progress due to a range of factors from working evenings to being on holiday but away from home. Still at least the desire to get the brushes working is there.

    Stephen [Duke of Baylen]

  6. Love the 1806 units you've been painting. The Koningen Dragoons are my favourites so far.

    -- Allan