Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Painting Results

Two French battalions in square, supported by two sections of foot artillery, circa 1806. Elite Miniatures figures and Essex ammo wagon. Click the pix to enlarge.

I painted an ungodly number of figures this month: 150 infantry and 51 mounted figures for an Olley Painting Points total of 252 points, or nearly twice as many as I did in May when I logged a seemingly paltry 133 points. I admittedly went way overboard and do not expect to come anywhere near this total every again. I had several advantages, including two weeks of vacation time in June plus a lot of motivation to get some units completed in time for our first BAR Napoleon play test game on July 18th. Still, this is a rediculous number of figures to paint in any month and I thank my family for being understanding during this bout of insanity.

A view of my terraining operations at the end of a session this evening. French Leger infantry from Old Glory (Alsop) in the foreground and Elite 1806 Prussians in firing line in the background. You can also see some command figures that I prepared for priming and a battalion of SYW Minden Austrians.

So here is a brief run down of what I painted in June:

1806 Prussians
IR23 von Winning (42 figures)
IR5 von Kliest (60 figures)
Prussian scheutzen (10 figures)
Horse artillery crew (12 figures) - the new Foundry figures
Prussian mounted officer (1 figure)
DR5 Konigen Dragoons (36 figures)

1806 French
12e Chasseurs a Cheval (12 figures)
Brigadier General (1 mounted figure)
ADC (1 mounted figure)
French Line Infantry (12 figures)
French Grenadier (1 figure)

19th Century Colonials
Seaforth Highlanders (12 figures)


The 1806 Project is coming along nicely. At the end of June I had six battalions of infantry, four 6-pounders (2 foot and 2 horse artillery) and crew, 36 dragoons, 36 cuirassiers, and I'm borrowing 36 Black Hussars from my SYW army.

The French have 3 battalions of infantry (plus Bill's 2 btns), 40 dragoons, 32 cuirassiers, 12 chasseurs and four 8-pounders with crew.

Aerial view of the growing collection of 1806 French and Prussians in Der Alte Fritz's collection.

During July, I hope to complete one more 72 figure French line infantry battalion and another 12-figure squadron of chasseurs.


  1. That's just amazing, Fritz. Dedication, I think, not insanity. But what has always fascinated me about your painting output is how you spend so much time without straining your eyes or back. Also how you manage to get the paint on so quickly. I reckon it takes about 30 separate applications to paint every detail of a typical figure and this can increase to take account of touching up where one accidentally strays onto a different colour, and the extent of shading and highlighting. I know acrylics dry quickly but I normally only do one application per day so obviously it takes at least a month to do a unit, and I haven't been able to find the time to paint a 60-man unit at one go; I've always had to split them into two halves.

    I've no intention of speeding up - my pace suits me financially as well - but I'd be interested to know if you think you paint faster than the average and, if so, how you do it. The results are certainly first class.

  2. Your output is impressive and inspiring as usual.

  3. An amazing achievment! Why, if you were painting my collection, I'd probably have no unpainted lead left!

    Alas, I'm stuck with me and my painting pace. Oh well.

    That 1806 collection is looking fantastic!

  4. Prodigious and well done!

  5. Holy mountain of lead, Batman! I'm probably not even close to that many Olley points for the whole year so far! What amazes me more is the quantity of your output is equalled by the quality!

  6. whew! that a lot of Naps! ...and I'm sweating with just two boxes of Victrix plastics!

    really great!

  7. I thought about painting the kitchen...does that count?

    Very impressive. If you ever come to the UK bring a brush I could do with the help!