Monday, September 8, 2008

The Secret Regiment

Der Alte Fritz and his staff (from left to right: von Driessen, von Saldern, the portly Duke of Bevern, der Alte Himself, and his aide de camp von Katte) make preparations for the coming battle that will decide the fate of Europa.

The annual Old School Big Battalion game is fast approaching and der Alte Fritz is scurrying around getting things ready for this gala bash. The game will be played on October 11, 2008 at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort in the suburbs of Chicago (Lincolnshire, Illinois).

The game preparations include such things as the scenario design, the recruiting of forces for the Gallian (French) and Germanian (Prussian) armies, terrain work, food (lunch and afternoon tea & coffee with snack), et cetera, et cetera. I am also finishing off a few figures for a couple of new units or building up the numbers of existing units for the coming battle. I am also working on (drum roll please) "the secret unit".

I can not reveal the identity of "the secret unit" just yet because the Gallian Colonel Enigma and his band of spies often lurk around the fringes of these parts. I can report that there is much concern and consternation inside the Gallian camp over the possible identity of (everyone, all together now "the secret unit"). Now it is entirely possible that this is nothing but some disinformation designed to discombobulate the Gallian camp. Or is it? Bwhahahaha!!!!

A not-so-secret-unit: CR13 Garde du Corps (standard bearer and red coated officer are from Foundry, the other figures are from Elite Miniatures).

Over the past few months I did add some more squadrons to the Prussian Garde du Corps, bringing them up to 45 figures organized into three squadrons of 15 figures each. They won their first battle honour at the battle of Der Rieterbrucke earlier in the year, when the captured the flags and kettledrums of the Saxon Rutowsky cheveau-legers. They won a second battle honour at this year's Seven Years War Association convention, which elevated them to "Elite" status in our BAR rules system. This makes them "bad to the bone" tough on the battlefield.

People have been asking me how I paint so fast. I guess that the answer is that (1) I simply enjoy painting and view the hobby as one of "painting" as much as it is of "wargaming", (2) I am motivated by the series of games that our group has at Chez Chevert in Brown Deer, Wisconsin, and (3) I endeavor to paint at least one hour per day. Sometimes things get so busy that I can't paint the requisite one hour per day, but Her Highness deigns to give me Saturday for painting, so often I am able to accomplish great things on the weekends. Basically, slow and steady wins the race. If you paint frequently, but in small batches, you will be amazed at how your painting output increases.

Well, I must get back to the painting table to work on the "you know what". Cheers!

Oh, and thank you everyone for all of the kind comments about this blog. I appreciate the comments that people leave on the web page and I encourage you to leave comments or questions. I always answer questions that readers leave in the comments section, except, of course, the identity of "the secret unit".


  1. The vile Stagonians have been too quiet . . . if I were you, I'd be alert for some of their nastiness in the next battle.

    Indeed it is well-known that Stagonia support Gallia . . . so be alert for their vile trickery in the upcoming battle.

    -- Jeff

  2. It's not just the Gallians who will be waiting with baited breath to discover what the secret unit is: I am too.

  3. So.....A "Secret Unit" eh? And you stubbornly refuse to reveal the details of its composition and location. Granted that the use of hot coals and thumbscrews are out of the question, for the time being, but there are other ways. Tell me Herr Fritz, do you have relatives in the Old Country?

    Von Mack (a.k.a. The Knife)

  4. Good advice. I wonder why I paint so slowly and am concerned when a unit takes me four weeks when I've painted the same sized unit in one.

    However, the scores of weeks where I don't pick up the brush slows me down far more than the physical speed of said brush.

  5. Where can I find information on the old school big battalions game?

    Is this part of a larger event?

    Is this open to anyone with troops and familiar with the rules?

    enthused, but clueless.


  6. Chris: anyone can play. All you have to do is ask. I do ask that you actually show up if you make a commitment to play as there are limited commands in the game.

  7. The command tent and map table are outstanding. The Reich Duke is in search of a place to rest and plan his next campaign. What outfitter should he seek.
    Best regards,

  8. Excellent miniatures as usual!
    A "secret unit", huh? I can see all the spies stumbling over themselves trying to gather information on this new development! (Maximilian von Schmart - "sorry about that, chief")

  9. My camp designer of choice is HG Walls (By Appointment to the Court of Hesse Seewald). I think that Baudae also makes resin tents. I know that Herb used resin tents and added the accoutrements, basing and painting of the camp scene.

    Fitz-badger: what about the diabolical Siegfried?

  10. You are welcome, regarding the comments.

    Your output, and quality, is truly an inspiration!!


  11. Der Alte Fritz,
    Thanks for the info on the tent. I tried to contact HG Walls, but their phone number is no longer in service. Do you have an email of address? Thanks...Bill

  12. mate, looking great, the Elite minis stack up well against the foundrys, well done sir!


  13. Der Alte Fritz,

    Yes the Gallian spy agency is working overtime. :-)